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Mieko Hester-Perez is a Champion for Special Needs Families

Mieko Hester-Perez is a modern day warrior mom, a champion of special needs families. For her continuing efforts, she was recently presented with an Industry Dedication Award at the 2016 Chalice Festival. Every single day, her mission is to help families improve the quality of life for their loved ones through unconventional treatments and she has pledged to “leave no family behind.”

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The Use of Cannabis in the Treatment of Opiate Addiction

We have a nation of narcotic addicts, mostly from the prescription uses of opiates, and it is spiraling out of control. Oddly enough, the most highly effective method for opiate addicts to safely detox from their addiction involves a substance that the U.S. Government currently considers to be less beneficial than the opiates; Dr. Christopher Rasmussen believes this may be one of marijuana’s best uses to date...

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