Getting My Life Back

I'm Michelle, a disabled veteran of a foreign war. I've been medicating with cannabis for just over three years. I broke my back shattering my L1 vertebra while serving. I also have severe PTSD due to different traumas in the military. The VA (Veteran Affairs) put me on just about all pain and depression meds imaginable. At the worst of it, I was on twelve different pharmaceuticals: morphine, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anxiety pills and a few others. I felt like I was dying quickly due to the meds and barely knew my own name. I also felt like I couldn't be a very good mom to my two beautiful daughters. I knew the prescription drugs were going to kill me so I started using cannabis to help improve my symptoms. 

Growing My Medicine

I made the change to better myself. I am truly blessed to live in Colorado where we've been allowed to stretch our "cannabis wings". I grew my own cannabis plants for the first time last summer. The strain was a good combo of medicine for me. Eight plants and seven months, turned into four pounds of cured cannabis. Too much for me at one time. Didn't realize how good of a grower I could be. This summer, I'm i'm excited to grow a different cannabis strain outdoors! 

Living LIfe

I was recently contacted by Fabian Henry, a former combat soldier from Canada who started an organization called, Marijuana for Trauma: Veterans Helping Veterans. He invited me to speak about how my experience with cannabis had reduced my prescription drug consumption. I was interviewed by Chris Siminek(sp) along with a small group of military veterans from Canada and the USA and talked about consuming cannabis for pain as well as for more debilitating PTSD issues. I'm so thankful for this amazing plant. It's allowed me to live again and be the best mom I can be to my wonderful girls!  I actually get to be present and parent my children- the greatest job on the planet. I've also dropped 110 pounds in two years. I feel healthier than I have in the last twenty years since my injury. I'm happier and give of myself so much more to people than I used to. I really appreciate your time in reading my story. Peace my friends! 


Michelle Hubbard (aka Vapin'Vet), USAF Disabled Veteran of a Foreign War. Email: