Our Mission: Empowering you for better health.

We aim to improve the world by inspiring hope and changing lives through wellness education, research, and innovation.

Our Core Values:

  • advance healthcare as a fundamental human right
  • bring attention to women and minorities businesses in the healthcare space
  • cultivate a company culture of integrity, transparency, and equity
  • support social and economic justice for historically marginalized communities
  • protect and restore the Earth’s natural systems

With more and more states adopting adult-use marijuana legislation, we wanted to put the emphasis back on medical marijuana patients. That’s why we developed a user-friendly website to improve your wellness experience.

We help guide you through becoming a medical cannabis patient in your state and discuss cannabis and health on our blog.

Our site will help you find healthcare professionals to help you:

(1) identify how medical cannabis can improve your quality of life and

(2) write recommendations (medical marijuana cards) for access to dispensaries.

Search for the closest cannabis retailer near you. We only list medical marijuana dispensaries because they cater to patients, offer more product options and lower prices.

Our name was inspired by those driven by hope and better health with plant medicines. This website is our way of making the world a better place.

We believe having (full) access to medical marijuana starts with your experience online. Hopegrown.org is dedicated to your wellness journey and is here to help along the way.

Email us for dispensaries and healthcare professionals wishing to become Hopegrown members: membership@hopegrown.org.