As a Healthcare Ambassador, I spend most of my time in a cancer center, pain management conference, or working with social workers. I also take into consideration a medical team’s most often rigid criteria for consumers with cannabis and CBD product selections.

In an article written in the CSU Shirley Haynes Institute for Palliative Care for clinicians taking their cannabis course, I had no idea how impactful my role was in this type of medical environment. Now when I’m not guiding a consumer via a hospital or physician referral in my network, I’m meeting with cannabis companies and greeting the mailman. He is usually holding a box full of packages.

When companies ask me to review their products, I retrieve crucial criteria given to me from medical teams and their input, which is key to a company competing for shelf space in retail or a legal dispensary.

The most valuable Intellectual property I own are my notes and paying attention to medical professionals who show interest or dislike a product. This IP can be the difference between consumers purchasing a product without being on sale and the consumer purchasing a product by the dozen.

Although this position can be very challenging, it never lets me forget my “why” or how I got here; his name is Joey, and he was one of the first children to go public in 2009 to use cannabis to treat his autism symptoms.

So, as I add pediatrics best practices by way of Green Book Academy to my arsenal of resources for families and medical professionals, I look forward to more discussions on what pediatric medical professionals would like to see in upcoming product lines in the retail and legal dispensary markets that can better assist in literally “Health & Care” for consumers.

Here are my top 3 products that assist medical teams with encouraging patient-centered outcomes throughout California and CBD legal states that fall under a strict criterion that includes what consumers have voluntarily shared with me and their medical professional.

Consumer #1: Precise Dosing

Consumer: Female

Age: 65

State: Southern California

Consumer: Active tennis player who slips MDX EZ snaps in her sports bag and says she can play for hours. She also states she purchased the CBD MDX patches after a rough game with her best friend, who is 60 but plays tennis like she’s 22.

MHP Healthcare Ambassador notes: This consumer is on six or more medications, and the concern is interactions. Although her medical team cleared her for CBD in this case – it’s best to use a product with precise dosing and moderate intake consumption. The MDX EZ snaps allow for any medical team confidently confirm potential interactions.

Visit: MDXclusive

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Consumer #2: A true medical vape pen

Consumer: Male

Age: 44

State: Southern California

Consumer: Mortgage company broker who plays weekly basketball with the guys, still attends Sunday dinner with his parents but is still dealing with anxiety and losing a family member.

MHP Healthcare Ambassador notes: Most of the consumers I speak with aren’t vape pen consumers, but this just made sense, and the consumer wanted to maintain a healthy relationship with his medical professional. The Dosist Disposable Vape Pen was designed for this type of consumer. Products that can assist a medical team with exact dosage consumption with a moderate THC: CBD percentage allow a consumer to use this product as the most appropriate starting point.

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Consumer #3: Frog’s Hair Wellness

Consumer: Female

Age: 23

State: Southern California

Consumer: Full-time college student plays beach flag football, and her father was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The onset of depression and caring for her father led her to talk with her social healthcare social worker, and she was unsure what delivery method would be ideal for her.

MHP Healthcare Ambassador notes: This is what I like about Frog’s Hair Wellness. Their bundles allow patients to try an assortment of products for new consumers, from teas to bath salts, all in one order. The consumer has stated that she drinks tea with her father, they laugh and cry, and the Frog’s Hair Wellness pairings are well thought out.

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