CBD is becoming more common in medical circles and a topic in medical office visits among the nursing staff and their social workers. No wonder Olina Pro is positioning its company to support the "supply and demand" CBD model for medical professionals with their products and provider program.

Let's chat with Olina Pro.

What story/mission motivated Olina Pro to develop a CBD brand?

Our mission at Olina Pro is to provide physicians with the highest quality and cutting-edge line of CBD products for their patients. Our scientific research and clinical trials back the formulation of our unique blend of Select Spectrum CBD products.

With exceptional ingredients and extensive third-party testing, we have created a brand you and your patients can trust. Our goal is for you to benefit from your partnership with Olina Pro by providing effective CBD products for your patients, gaining access to our world-class customer service, and establishing an additional income source for you.

Do you think CBD education is lacking for medical and healthcare professionals?

Yes. Our team at OlinaPro thinks there is a lack of information provided to medical and health care professionals. This is why you can go to olinapro.com under the tab "Learn" followed by the "FAQs" tab, which helps give more insight on CBD.

Where do you see Olina Pro CBD Brand in 5 years?

To be recognized as one of the nation's top CBD Providers of products based on Science and also proven by Science.

What best advice can you offer a medical professional on joining the Olina partner program?

We believe at OlinaPro that our brand and products set us apart from all the competitors due to our user-friendly platform and service provided to Medical Professionals. All products are manufactured in a GMP Facility and Clinically tested.

What also makes it easy for Medical Physicians is they do not have to carry any inventory, and OlinaPro fulfills all orders. Physicians all have their unique portals through OlinaPro that patients order products from and allows Physicians to track all orders and commissions daily/weekly/monthly.

Where can consumers purchase Olina Pro? Online or retail locations?

OlinaPro is a platform designed for Medical Professionals. Physicians would set up with OIinaPro and be issued a QR Code and Portal Code linked directly to that Physician.

Once they are set up and approved, they will be sent an OlinaPro Kit with business cards, marketing brochures, and easels to display. Consumers would then scan the QR Code or log into the specific portal code, which will link you directly to the site for purchasing products.

Once orders are purchased, Olina will fulfill each order, and physicians will be able to track them through their admin portals. Physicians would then get commissions direct deposited into their accounts monthly.

Let's learn about Olina products,

Reset Formula Oil

The Olina Pro Reset Formula Oil tincture offers an effective way to benefit from our natural, custom-blended Select Spectrum. Each one-ounce bottle contains a powerful 1,000 mg of CBD and 100 mg of CBG.

This proprietary combination of potent cannabinoids works to harness the entourage effect by engaging the patient's endocannabinoid system. Hand-picked and clinically tested natural ingredients have been added to complement the impact of Select Spectrum.

Hard Gels

Olina Pro Hard Gels provide a convenient way to get a consistent dose of our Select Spectrum blend, as each gel contains a potent mix of 50 mg of CBD and 5 mg of CBG. The Hard Gels come in four custom formulations.


Boost radiance, hydrate, and moisturize skin while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with our Olina Pro Retinol Skin Cream.

Our light, luxurious, non-comedogenic formula goes on like silk and contains powerful anti-aging ingredients, including our retinol and proprietary Select Spectrum blend.

This potent formulation refines skin tone by targeting free-radical damage and blemishes while reducing redness and inflammation.


Olina Pro Probiotic Capsules contain a powerful duo of Select Spectrum and a blend of over twenty billion live probiotic cultures per serving. The combination of Select Spectrum and natural probiotic cultures sets the stage for improved aspects of digestive health in adults and the elderly.

The Olina Pro Provider Program

Take advantage of the exploding CBD market by partnering with Olina Pro Provider. As a provider, you will be able to provide Olina Pro Products within your location, and an online Olina Pro Store established for your company.

For the sale of Olina Pro Products at your physical location(s), you can purchase Olina Pro Products through your online account and benefit from competitive and dynamic wholesale pricing.

At the same time, through the online store established for your site(s) as an Olina Pro Provider, you will be able to have your customers/patients make purchases of Olina Pro Products online 24/7 and have each of those sales credited to you.

Our Olina Pro Provider Platform will provide the heavy lifting of handling the sales transaction, shipping, tracking, inventory, and order notifications while you effortlessly collect the earnings from each sale.

The Olina Pro Provider Platform will allow you to monitor and track your payments in various easy online reporting features specific to your site(s).

Partner with Olina Pro

By choosing to be an Olina Pro Provider, you will not only have access to the world-class Olina Pro product line but your company will also be placed within the Olina Pro Provider Platform, which will provide a turnkey solution for the establishment of a viable CBD program for your customers and patients.

The Olina Pro Provider Platform will overnight allow your company to conduct sales, product tracking, product shipping, and communication with your customers and patients.

An added benefit of the Olina Pro Provider Platform is that it is designed to enhance the establishment of reorders and customer/patient subscriptions to Olina Pro Products and to provide you with an easy way to monitor and collect the earnings from the sale of

Olina Pro Products.

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