Researching Cannabis

Raymond (dear husband) and I watched the Boulder Colorado TED discussion that featured Josh Stanley and the Figi family (this was after we moved, I must add).

We could see for ourselves exactly how wrong we were about cannabis. Raymond and I both have higher education degrees, we are used to doing research, and once involved in doing research will attempt to find answers to whatever we're going after, and cannabis was no different.

We knew that I couldn't continue taking ANY FORM of serotonin uptake without risking my life. So we got our medical marijuana recommendations for the state of Oregon.

At First, Skeptical...

I will admit that at first, we were skeptical, but from all we had learned in our research as well as reading from other people who were also in our position of having conditions no one else could 'cure' with opioids and current pharmaceutical drugs, we took a $600 chance (costs of medical marijuana recommendation) for the state of Oregon, doctor visits and roughly spending on an average $150 a month on concentrates for the first few months.)

We learned the absolute value of cannabis. I now take magnesium, fish oil, FECO (fully extracted cannabis oil), I still use my asthma inhalers, super enzymes (no gall bladder), natural thyroid, and probiotics. Gone are the 23 medications.

Family & Cannabis

I can't leave Oregon. We miss our family members. But in the end, we have found that I am doing so much better having rid myself of all these so called medications that were 'supposed to be healing me" that weren't.

I stopped having nightmares from the psych meds, I still have word finding problems from having taken Topamax too long and there is no way to fix the word finding problem or the issues from having taken meds that impacted the total health on my body that caused the Serotonin Syndrome. It is a life long condition I will have be aware of and learn to live with.

It's horrible to have to make the gut wrenching decision to leave your family, to perhaps never see them again. It is equally horrible for families to have to literally bankrupt themselves to get help they need. But we will be here until we can find a way to include family and cannabis.