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HG Spotlight: From Weed to Cannabis, A Mother's Story

The first time I smoked a joint was in the wee hours of the morning in a gas station bathroom with my sister and a friend...It wasn’t until my daughter was [in her late teenage years] that the herb came back into my life in a positive way. She had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and suffered terribly...

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HG Spotlight: Living with Fibromyalgia Part 2

"We learned the absolute value of cannabis. I now take magnesium, fish oil, FECO (fully extracted cannabis oil), I still use my asthma inhalers, super enzymes (no gall bladder), natural thyroid, and probiotics. Gone are the 23 medications."

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HG Spotlight: Living with Fibromyalgia Part 1

They had me on Imitrex for my migraines, and in total, I was on 23 medications each and every day...I wrote a poem (if you can believe this during the hell I was in), and posted it on a Fibromyalgia discussion page. It was then that we received excellent advice from a good friend; a very reliable friend online recommended we look into cannabis...

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