Patient Chronicles, is an Infused Digital production series focusing on medical cannabis case studies and documentary content for educational medical centers and providers.

Sponsored by Jenny’s Rose, episode #2 welcomes Mario Bonfante Jr. (Red Bull Hero of the Year), Chief Science Officer, Jimmy Castillo and medical expert, Denise Chesne MSN RN, CEO of MDXclusive.

Paralyzed Athlete, Inventor, and Racer, Mario Bonfante Jr. shares his story on Patient Chronicles with host Mieko Perez

Mario Bonfante Jr. is a man who likes to feel alive! From a young childhood on the racetrack, he competed in motocross, dirt biking, and all sorts of extreme sports. Mario seemed to have all the makings of a racing prodigy and today he actually is.

His demeanor, ambition, and courage crafted as a young man shaped his desire to win and push the envelope in the racing world. He has evolved into someone who is an inspiration to athletes all across the world in a way that no one has done before.

We can all say that his contagious attitude is one that makes the rest of us think about how we could be doing more in our lives.

What makes Mario and his story so unique is how we begin the next episode of the Patient Chronicles. After a devastating accident that ultimately took away his mobility, what would have been a career ending event for most athletes became an amazing story of perseverance.

Mario's ability to channel his competitive spirit is inspirational on many levels. Life as paraplegic has Mario with limited functionality of his physical body, but his internal strength, and tenacity has developed a world for himself without limits.

As a professional racecar driver, he has achieved what few of us could dream of doing- winning championships, and always finding a way to say, “I’m not done yet.” He’s an inventor, entrepreneur, and a great overall human being.

Here is what we know about Mario’s condition:

According to Medical New Today, the definition of Paraplegia is, a form of paralysis that mostly affects the movement of the lower body.

People with paraplegia may be unable to voluntarily move their legs, feet, and sometimes their abdomen.Some people experience incomplete paraplegia. This is the case when the paralysis only affects one leg.

As Mario humbly adjust his setup for our series filming, his personality lights up our stage with laughter and provides a real insight to how he lives his life in gratitude. His reply in sound check, “I hope everyone is doing well”.

During the episode, he not only shares his amazing journey but also discusses his innovative steering system technology, progressive views on cannabis, and how motorsports is embracing CBD.

Tune into Mario Bonfante Jr's episode airing on February 15th, 2022, on the Roku Cannabis Capitol channel as well as on the YouTube Cannabis Capitol channel and on the Infused Digital website.

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Patient Chronicles, Medical expert Denise Chesne MSN, RN, and CEO of,

Denise has been a registered nurse since 1974, her nursing practice has focused on critical care, nursing management, the integration of electronic health record systems, length of stay issues, transition of care issues, and nurses in crisis. These experiences have created a background rich in hands on care, administration of patient care units and hospital staff, nursing informatics, and nurse advisory.

As a professional nurse optimizing medical information and communication to provide the highest quality of patient care is of utmost importance. This includes supporting professional healthcare practices by providing information that effectively allows for evidence-based decision-making and optimal patient outcome.