Nestled in an industrial park cul-de-sac in Chatsworth, PureLife AWC stands out like a green thumb. Unlike its stoic concrete and steel neighbors, this dispensary breathes green life into both their community and their patients. Founded by cannabis activist and pioneer, Yamileth Bolaños, PureLife seeks to provide a wide array of medicines at affordable prices. When "Yami" isn't traveling the country for ASA or passing a life-saving bill for California transplant patients (AB-258), she's making sure that every part of the patient's experience at her store keeps them coming back. 

The owners, all Latinos and mostly Costa Rican, derived the name from the famous Costa Rican salutation "Pura Vida" which loosely translates as "Good Health". PureLife takes this mantra to heart by growing an incredible amount of flowers on site so as to lower the pricepoint of their medicines to a level affordable for even low-income patients. The friendly and knowledgable staff combined with inexpensive and effective medicines creates an experience that has people driving from West LA -- where their old location was -- all the way to Chatsworth. And if you've ever spent any time on the freeways in Los Angeles... you know that's a big deal.