What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility describes a company’s promise to maintain beneficially ethical practices in each aspect of the business. It also refers to how a company uses its position to promote social understanding for the public.

As a business, you can use your platform to spread awareness about a particular issue that is important to you (i.e., wellness, health, or research). You can also practice corporate social responsibility by holding yourself, your colleagues, and your business operations accountable for impacting global causes. For example, IIMD’s s Autism Awareness Campaign.

The goal of the IIMD Autism Awareness Campaign is to enhance brand awareness and goodwill association, a personal initiative for Executive Director Mieko Hester-Perez, an autism and cannabis healthcare ambassador. Her non-verbal son, Joey, was one of the first children to successfully use cannabis to treat his autism symptoms in 2009 on mainstream television.

Now, an advisor for the first publicly diagnosed (on the spectrum) NASCAR driver Armani Williams, she continues to pay it forward with her son Joey’s legacy. Joey passed away in April of 2018, so it’s safe to say her contribution to Autism and CBD community this month is purposeful.

When approached about becoming an advisor for Armani Williams, Mieko recalls that (now that NASCAR is allowing CBD companies to sponsor drivers), this was an opportunity she could not pass up. The goal of the IIMD Autism Awareness Campaign is to recognize families, heroes, and medical professionals.

IIMD’ S Purpose and Mission

Infinity International Medical Division (IIMD) is a division of Infinity Inc. and Infinity Broadcast Network. The mission of IIMD is to provide unbiased support to healthcare professionals through access to reliable resources within our global network.

This registered member-driven community will allow healthcare and medical professionals to interact in a private environment with qualified peers, identify and secure relevant research information and studies, provide and receive peer feedback to author papers and new research initiatives, access and source qualified medical cannabis product information, and also engage directly with thought leaders through the IIMD Ambassador Speakers Bureau and Educational Program.

The launch of this comprehensive online resource includes the launch of the IIMD ambassador program. This programming resource provides access to experts for online or in-person educational presentations tailored by healthcare professionals for medical organizations.

IIMD ambassadors will give educational presentations as vetted, experienced thought leaders in the CBD and cannabis alternative medicine space covering professional standards, product use, evolving research, and other relevant discussion topics.

Now, let’s meet IIMD Intern #5.

Ellie T. is a 22-year-old LGBT college student majoring in political science and the daughter of a breast cancer survivor.

Ellie joined IIMD in January 2022.

What should we expect this via IIMD’ S public blogs?

For April, IIMD has compiled autism articles and resources for families and medical professionals. IIMD is also collaborating with companies on promoting autism awareness through charitable donations. IIMD’ S Mental Health Ambassador Julius Curry, a retired NFL American Football player and CEO of JC Racing, has also committed to giving back to the community with his LV Motorsports experience in collaboration with CannaSafe Labs.

How to support Armani Williams

In late mid-June 2021, NASCAR announced its intention to allow CBD sponsorships in line with federal guidelines of CBD.

This means that IIMD encourages you to meet Armani Williams and use your corporate funds in one of the most impactful examples of “paying it forward” and supporting persons on the autism spectrum in one of the fastest-growing sports in America. Visit teamarmaniracing.com.

“IIMD was developed with international healthcare leaders’ input, who I have had the pleasure to sit down with and listen to what type of information and research they would like to have access to, including groundbreaking technology, consumer brands, and medical experts in a peer-to-peer format, “Infinity Broadcast Network (IBN), a media company dedicated to developing and sharing educational alternative medicine content, has launched the Infinity International Medical Division (IIMD) online community as a private, qualified member-only, peer-to-peer networking and education platform for global healthcare and medical professionals.

In a day and age where the benefits of alternative medicine therapies are becoming clearer but require further education to engage the broad spectrum of healthcare and medical professionals vested in these advances, this network is designed to provide a definitive resource for sharing and sourcing research, adopting best practices, and learning care strategies in a peer-vetted environment.

“We have created a network tailored specifically to the medical and healthcare community that avoids the hype of this emerging industry and focuses solely on the research, discoveries, and experiences of vetted sources in a global peer-to-peer environment.”

-Mieko Hester-Perez, a globally recognized alternative medicine healthcare ambassador and President of Infinity Medical International

What’s next with IIMD?

IIMD recently was commissioned to provide brochures in several healthcare networks in California to provide medical professionals, and consumers access to our platform for Chemo infusion centers, mental health, oncology, and pediatrics departments.

Our Director, Ms. Perez, is currently collaborating with various companies on partnership affiliates for IIMD. Our spring is just beginning. Please visit IIMD.online for more updates and our Instagram page for more on our month-long daily autism awareness campaign.