If you ask me if “kindred spirits” connect in a room full of people, I can definitely say yes, I met Tammy Pettigrew a few years ago during her journey in reconnecting with her family in Puerto Rico. Not only did we have an island in common but, we had the same pursuit of providing cannabis education to the masses.

I often picture this quote after chatting with Tammy, knowing this is her calling within the cannabis industry.

"It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent." -Madeleine Albright

It is an honor to introduce my Boricua sister to Hopegrown!

Tammy Pettigrew is a California-based cannabis advocate, educator and speaker focusing on cannabis science, history, business, and debunking countless myths surrounding cannabis. Her goal is to create change by helping others improve their lives by arming them with the proper information and challenging outdated perspectives when it comes to health and wellness.

In 2019, Tammy was market chair for Women Grow Orange County, and hosted monthly networking events, connecting professionals in the industry with those aspiring to be in cannabis.

In 2018, Tammy graduated from the University of Miami with a Master of Business Administration and subsequently launched her cannabis education company, The Cannabis Cutie. This educational platform hosts a cannabis-based book club, cannabis courses, a vlog, and social channels with daily informative lessons. Currently, she hosts educational and informational segments on Herb Magazine’s social channels, as well as KandyPens.

Tammy is used to creating movements and was able to be part of history at Oklahoma State by being one of seven women who chartered the first multicultural Greek-lettered organization on campus. The women met in the fall of 2007 for their first meeting, and on June 13, 2012, they were granted chapter status by Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., as the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter, with Tammy elected as their first president.

During her tenure at Oklahoma State, she also joined ranks with the Oklahoma City Thunder, the newest NBA team in the league. Her job was to manage all entertainment elements during pre-game, time-outs, halftime, and post-game. She helped coordinate game-day scripts and contracts, supervision and leading of the spirit team, held office hours, sat in department meetings, and aided with bookings for half-time and pre-game performers.

1. What inspired you to start The Higher Learning book club?

I really love to read! It’s how I gather a lot of the information about cannabis, but one of the hardest things about reading books is holding myself accountable to the book. This seems to be a problem for many people, so the book club seemed like a no-brainer! The purpose of The Higher Learning Book Club is to bring like-minded cannabis users and enthusiasts and elevate our knowledge on all-things cannabis, while holding each other accountable.

We are so much more than just “potheads,” and in order to change the public perception and dogma around cannabis, we as users have a responsibility to be that change first. This book club is cultivating advocates to push the mission of freeing the plant, forward.

2. In the next 5 years, where do you see The Higher Learning book club making an impact? And why?

Being the first cannabis-based book club has been such a fun ride. I hope that members of the book club are able to take the information they have learned and use it to talk to their local lawmakers, to educate their families and communities, and use it to challenge outdated perspectives.

My goal is to foster connections within the group to help create new leaders and hopefully in five years members will be using what they have learned to create meaningful change.

3. If you were able to tour a cannabis analytics lab, what are some of your interest and why?

I have so many questions about this! I would want to understand the process and how it all works! Give me all the science of what is happening. I would love to learn about terpene, cannabinoid & pesticide testing, and what goes into compliance testing! California has really strict regulations when it comes to quality control and cannabis, so California labs have to be ahead of the game.

I would love to see how much product is required to be tested, and what the testing procedures actually look like. I’m so curious about every aspect of the plant, so I would probably be in heaven.