Fall Asleep Faster with Arbor

Imagine, it’s Sunday evening, and the ‘Sunday Scaries’ are starting to come into full effect. You’re just about to wrap up your usual bedtime routine when you glance at the clock and notice it’s already thirty minutes past your usual bedtime. You’ve been mentally preparing for tomorrow’s early morning meeting at the office, and as your head hits the pillow, your mind begins to wander.

You’re thinking about what you need to say or not say at your meeting, worried about whether or not you paid the electric bill on time, and wondering when your thoughts will finally let you flip the switch in your brain to sleep mode. Next thing you know, you’re looking back at the clock and realizing you just worried yourself out of an extra few hours of sleep that you really needed.

‘Sleep Anxiety’ comes in many forms, but it often looks like this. The constant inclination to peek over at the clock to see how much sleep you may be getting now after tossing and turning for what seems like an eternity. Especially for those already leading a less-than-healthy lifestyle, poor sleep can result in declines in the workplace or general malaise that is difficult to pinpoint and treat.

So, what gives? What do you do when you finally reach the one time in your day when you only need to relax and close your eyes, but your brain’s inner monologue refuses to let you?

The easy choice may be to pop an over-the-counter sleep aid, finish that bottle of wine in the fridge, or sit down with a book and some chamomile tea. Some choices are more conducive to a healthy, good night’s rest, while others make for a drowsy, hungover, or flat-out unpleasant morning. If this is a constant battle you often face, various natural methods have shown great promise in helping restless sleepers catch up to the Sandman for a restful night’s slumber.

Arbor’s Sleep Hemp Extract works with the body’s natural pathways instead of against them to help you get the z’s you desperately need. This is because the human body is equipped with specific receptors within the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) built to utilize the goodness within the multifaceted hemp plant. The ECS welcomes the cannabinoids found in hemp with open arms, giving the plant a platform to do what it does best.

Clinically tested to improve your body’s natural sleep cycles, Arbor’s Sleep Hemp Extract Tincture, and Soft Gels could be beneficial for tossers and turners out there who can’t seem to shut their minds off. One of the leading health research institutions in the country recently assessed the potential of Arbor’s Sleep Hemp Extract in a 90-day, randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled human study. Results from the sleep study, observing 125 total subjects, concluded that participants taking active doses of Arbor Hemp Extract saw major improvements in sleep, including a significant decrease in time spent awake in bed.

Out of the 125 subjects, 97 reported having trouble sleeping. By week 3 of the study, participants began to experience noticeable effects. After taking 66mg of Arbor’s Sleep Hemp Extract for only four weeks, participants' time trying to fall asleep decreased by 60%, trimming 35 minutes of frustrated awake time down to 14 minutes. By the 13th week of the trial, active participants showed a mean time awake in bed of 10-15 minutes. (For context, the group of placebo participants consistently recorded an average of 30-minutes in bed awake before drifting off to sleep.)

Once the 90-day study was completed, the same participants were asked to complete an exit survey, including the question: “Do you have trouble falling asleep?” 0 out of the 97 subjects answered “Yes” to this question once the study had concluded, showing that all participants who reported trouble falling asleep at the beginning of the study were finally getting the sleep they had longed for.

Offered in a tincture and soft gel form to meet a variety of preferred consumption styles, Arbor’s clinically studied Hemp Extract can be easily integrated into your bedtime routine. Arbor Sleep Tincture comes in a 30ml bottle that contains a total of 1,000 milligrams of Hemp Extract.

Since one full dropper of Arbor Sleep Tincture contains 33 milligrams, we recommend starting with one dropper to ease your body into it, then titrating up to two droppers, equating to 66 milligrams per night to achieve optimal results. The dosing regimen for Arbor Sleep Soft Gels is similar to the tincture since each capsule also contains 33 milligrams of Arbor Hemp Extract. We’ll always recommend starting low and going slow, so start by taking one capsule before bed and then move up to two if you aren’t achieving desired results.