Ghee, or “sacred ghee,” as the Hindus call it, is clarified butter and is often used in Indian recipes. It is also a great facilitator of THC extraction because the fats link on to the molecules and make absorption more effective.

Properly prepared ghee can be kept at room temperature or in a moderately cool place for many months without spoiling. You can buy it ready-made from specialist shops, or make it yourself as follows:

Method 1

Ingredients: 2 lbs/ 1-1.5kg unsalted butter

The unsalted butter is heated in a pan at a medium-low temperature (hot enough to boil the butter). A froth will form on the surface which should be skimmed off with a spoon. This is repeated until no more froth appears. The remaining butterfat is ghee, best stored in a refrigerator.

Method 2

  1. 2 lbs/1kg unsalted butter melted in a wok at medium-low temperature and allowed to simmer for a while. White particles will float to the top. The melted butter should be stirred frequently to ensure that nothing sticks to the bottom.
  2. Eventually the butter will start to bubble over, so the wok should be removed from the stove and allowed to stand for about 5 minutes, while the white particles sink to the bottom. When they have settled the ghee is poured into a jar.

  3. For purer ghee, the liquid is filtered through several layers of cheesecloth while hot. This reduces its butterscotch flavor. The color of the ghee should be slightly darker than gold. If it is any darker the wok was too hot.

  4. Once cooled, the ghee can be used in any recipe requiring margarine or butter. The residue can also be eaten and enjoyed, with honey, for example.

The next stage is to add the special ingredient. Getting the strength right is difficult, as this depends on the quantity and strength of the cannabis. A ratio of 1oz/28g cannabis to 1lb/500g of ghee is recommended. Care should be taken when melting the ghee as, being free from impurities, it can get very hot very quickly.


  1. The ghee is melted and allowed to simmer, so that the oil is not burning or cooling off.

  2. The crumbled/powdered cannabis is sprinkled in and stirred gently. It is heated and stirred occasionally for approximately 1 hour, unitil the THC fully dissolves.

  3. Once the ghee is cooked, a clean cloth is placed in a strainer and the hot mixture drained into a pan or bowl, then allowed to cool.

Using Ghee

To make a catch of cannabis cakes or cookies a ratio of 1/16 oz/2g to cookies is a good way to start. The cookies can be eaten one at a time, as required.

Recipe courtesy of Tim Pilcher, author of The Cannabis Cookbook

The Cannabis Cookbook is the definitive guide to cooking with the world's most versatile and popular weed. What better way to sample the most popular weed on the planet than by eating it, as people have done for thousands of years? Inside The Cannabis Cookbook are over 35 delicious recipes for Stoned Starters, Mashed Main Courses, Doped-Out Deserts, Bombed-Out Beverages, and Crazy Cocktails to make meals that are both unforgettable and hard to recall.