Form: Flower

Type: Sativa 70/30

Strain: Amnesia Lemon

Grower: Las Vegas Herbal Growers (LVHG)


THC – 13.9%

CBD – 0.32%

Myrcene0.18 mg/g

Limonene0.36 mg/g

Close-up image of the Amnesia Lemon flower.

Appearance – As you can see in the close-up image, this bud is covered in some crazy colors! Ranging from green to purple on the flower with some gorgeous orange/red hairs. Crystal formation appears tight and the trim is 95% perfect with very little sugar leaf left on the bud. The macro picture shows nicely developed crystal heads.

Aroma – One of the better aromas I have smelled as this sweet and spicy pine sings to me as I smell the bag. What I really enjoy is that the smell isn’t overly pungent but you can smell it as soon as you open the bag.

Taste – Pine dominates the taste which is mostly smooth with a slight to low burn when smoked. This is a mostly smooth smoke that is pleasant in taste.

Potency – Average to slightly less than average potency, not going to smash you in your face.

Effect – The effect is where this strain really shines. The effect, though somewhat mellow, is really nice and uplifting. This is the type of strain that would be good for day time medicating and being outdoors. This strain provides a mostly clear headed high that is uplifting and happy. What is nice about this strain is you get a nice hybrid effect with the Lemon Skunk bringing in the indica side and keeping this high nice and mellow while still being uplifting.

Duration – Average to slightly shorter than average duration. 1.5-2 hours

Overall – Great for many uses and would qualify as an all-day strain.

Macro close-up image of the Amnesia Lemon flower. Look at those crystals!



Euphoria: Med

Happiness: Med

Relaxed: Low

Uplifted: High

Creative: Med


Munchies*: Low

Dry Eyes: Med

Dry Mouth: Low

Anxiousness: None

(*Hopegrown note: Munchies may be considered a positive effect if you need to increase your appetite.)


Appearance: 4/5

Aroma: 3.5/5

Taste: 4/5

Potency: 3/5

Effect: 4.5/5

Duration: 3/5

Price: 5/5

Overall: 27/35

Good For:



Day time medicating


Final Thoughts:

The good - the effect which was nice and uplifting with a mostly clear headed high.

The bad - Shorter duration and low potency.

Final score: A-

(Hopegrown Tip: Pin this infographic for easy future reference.)