CBD Oil for Pets – How Can It Help?

Our pets are our family. They bring joy to life in more ways than one and most pet owners have an emotional bond with their furry friends like no other.

Since we love our animals so much, shouldn’t it be important that they too are able to live their best lives? As pets age or simply experience life, they can encounter similar ailments to those of humans ­– discomfort related to joint mobility, challenges related to brain function, tummy troubles and environmental-related stress. While we humans have many options at our disposal to improve our wellbeing, these options can be somewhat limited for animals.

CBD oil over the years has shown how it can be beneficial to humans and now in recent studies, it has also shown how it can help pets. Since dogs and cats, and any animal with a vertebra, have an endocannabinoid system, they too can enjoy the holistic benefits of cannabinoids. While CBD can be helpful, it should be noted that it is not a cure-all for all situations and should be discussed with your veterinarian prior to introducing it to your pet.

How Does CBD Help Pets?

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is one of the most prevalent compounds found in the cannabis and hemp plants. Most CBD oils are derived from industrial hemp, and not marijuana, which produces a minimal amount of the tetrahydrocannabinol compound, more commonly known as THC. THC is the compound responsible for producing a “high,” but given the trace amounts of it found in full-spectrum CBD oils, it is not possible for a pet to get “high” from CBD oil.

Through research, CBD has shown how it can aid in supporting:

  • GI health
  • Nervous system health
  • Mood and emotional wellness
  • Joint health
  • Mobility
  • Calming and relaxation

Like humans, the receptors in an animal’s endocannabinoid system interact with cannabinoids, like those found in CBD oil, to help maintain homeostasis and balance in the body. So for example, just like how a person could take CBD to help with occasional stress, CBD can be given to pets who may experience unease while riding in the car, hearing a fireworks display or being around a lively social gathering. Additionally, older pets who are starting to feel their age, or even those who were a bit too rambunctious at the dog park, can benefit from CBD’s ability to soothe inflammation related to joint mobility.

The Importance of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Through our research, we’ve found that full-spectrum CBD oils provide greater benefits to dogs and cats than isolate, CBD-only, or broad-spectrum, THC-removed, oils. This is in part due to the entourage effect that occurs when all the cannabinoids present synergistically work together with the endocannabinoid system to deliver optimal results. Again, while a full-spectrum oil does include a trace amount of THC (typically less than 0.3%), it is not possible for your pet to experience a “high” from CBD oil.

Dosage and Administration

As with any CBD product, we recommend starting with a low dose and increasing as needed until the desired results are achieved. While CBD is generally well tolerated by pets, you may need less CBD than the standard dose. A good rule of thumb is to begin your pet’s CBD dosage by offering them .2mg of CBD oil per pound of body weight. Thus, if your pet weighs 10 pounds, you would give them a dosage of 2mg of CBD oil.

Here are suggested dosing guidelines for VETCBD’s CBD oil tinctures based on the most common uses of CBD for pets:

Pet’s Weight

CBD Dosage from Tincture Dropper

4-10 pounds


10-25 pounds


25-50 pounds


50-100 pounds


Above 100 pounds


You may start to see the effects within the first 5 minutes of administration, but it can take up to 1-2 hours. The first dose of CBD lasts about 8-12 hours, and we recommend giving a second dose, if needed, 12 hours after the initial dose.

Many pets will take CBD oil directly from a syringe after giving it a good sniff, however, if they aren’t as interested, it can be added to their food or placed on a treat.

The VETCBD Story

At VETCBD, our mission has, and always will be, to improve the lives of pets. Our founder, Dr. Tim Shu, started his career as a veterinarian, working in emergency, critical, and general medicine. Through research into the benefits of medical cannabis, Dr. Shu saw the opportunity CBD presented in helping pets manage common ailments and even more severe cases related to neurological issues and debilitating situations. From there, VETCBD was born through medical integrity and an unconditional love of animals.

Our full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures are carefully crafted to provide the most optimal profile to support your pet’s wellbeing. Every batch is triple-tested by third-party labs to ensure the proper potency and that the product is free of additives, pesticides, toxins, bacteria, heavy metals and solvents.

As pet parents, we understand there can be a lot of questions that arise when it comes to giving supplements to your pets which is why we offer complimentary veterinary support by phone at 562-754-3713 or email at info@vetcbdhemp.com. We want you to feel comfortable with the decision and also clarify any concerns you may have. It is important to always consult your veterinarian before introducing CBD, or any supplement, into your pet’s routine to ensure there aren’t any potential side-effects should it be combined with other medicines.

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