Our month-long focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) continues this week highlighting the stories of more amazing families and their journey.

What is your personal story and mission that inspired you to go public with your son Aiden?

My wife and I sat down one day and realized that we rarely, if at all found other parents who looked like us. At times, we were managing our son's condition on a daily basis sometimes twenty four hours a day and seven days a week (on alert.)

We’ve spoken to so many people in the industry from CBD manufacturers, doctors, pharmacists, and parents whose child had similar conditions but mostly with autism. As we continued to learn about our son's condition and how to treat him the one thing that alluded us was parents who looked like us.

So, we decided to go public because in hopes that other parents like us would not be afraid to share their story and in turn we created the Luv N Cann podcast.

Do you think cannabis education for medical professionals and healthcare providers is lacking?

Yes, we do believe cannabis education for medical professionals and health care providers are lacking and that's because of federal laws and the pharmaceutical industry that supports the medical and health care system.

When my wife and I go into doctors' offices and share with them the alternative paths and the endocannabinoid system they often have no idea what we are talking about or why we’ve considered taking a holistic approach to healing our child.

We are huge proponents for education as it relates to cannabis, cannabinoids, and the endocannabinoid system.

What kind of research (cannabis related) is needed that hasn't been covered yet for persons on the autism spectrum?

We have not seen much research on cannabis and its effect on children of color with autism. The CDC keeps track of all ailments but for the most part it is outdated so for us it's unreliable information.

Other sites just don’t have anything worth using or accessible. But for the most part it seems there’s no significant study of the relationship between autism and race.

When the new buzz word, "social equity" is being passed around in the medical field, we scratch our heads and ask why now? We personally believe that as of now, it’s not of importance for this type of research to happen.

Where do you see yourselves making an impact for families in the next 5 years?

Nina and I see ourselves being in the forefront of the holistic approach to treating our families. And with our podcast will be able to reach not only families that share in our story but others who may need to hear our message.

We understand that everyone has to choose their own path to healing but at least they know that we have us to help guide them.

What is the best advice you can give a parent looking for guidance online?

Listen to our podcast and reach out to us because we were in their shoes and are still learning so much. But when there’s so much information online it’s hard to decipher what to hold on to, what to let go, and what to apply.

It can be very overwhelming for parents who work full time or stay at home. Just find a podcast or website that seems to resonate with you in their messaging and reach out to them with questions. Our message on the Luv N Cann podcast is that “You are not alone”.


Osiris, Nina, and Aiden

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