Los Angeles, California Jul 20, 2022 - IIMD Signs Agreement with APOP Media to Distribute Informative Medical Content via Dedicated Displays in 300 Cannabis Dispensaries.

Mieko Hester-Perez, Executive Director of IIMD, is responsible for securing a distribution agreement that ensures access to educational content for consumers.

Today's digital advertising is at the forefront of marketing. Still, with ad restrictions on traditional social media platforms for CBD therapeutics and adult use brands challenging this emerging sector, IIMD will play an instrumental role in building consumer trust with a practical choice for companies needing multiple media marketing channels.

Currently, APOP Media screens are strategically placed at point-of-purchase in 300 retail cannabis dispensaries. On average, customers spend 15 to 30 minutes in a dispensary per visit, with each dispensary showcasing 3 to 5 screens.

Averaging three hundred dispensaries and over nine hundred total screens throughout California, Nevada, and Michigan, IIMD is outfitting screen space with more than three hundred hours of informative, up-to-date educational news while providing strategic advertising alliances with the adult-use market through a division of Infinity Broadcast Network (IBN).

Infinity International Medical Division (IIMD) is an online community offering a broad range of educational content as a private, qualified members-only, peer-to-peer networking and education platform tailored to global healthcare and medical professionals.

IIMD uses its platform to engage the broad spectrum of healthcare and medical professionals in their network, providing a definitive resource for sharing and sourcing research, adopting best practices, and learning care strategies in a peer-vetted environment.

APOP Media is a digital signage network offering customizable digital signage consisting of self-checkout kiosk tablets, auto-generated menus, and Point of Sale systems supported by content streaming digital displays embedded in retail environments.

“IIMD is an ideal-Integrated solution for our platform, which strives to provide engaging content direct to consumer populations at their point of product purchase,” said Matt Young, CEO of APOP Media.

The companies are equally excited about this current contract because it will allow retail manufacturers to highlight wellness medicinal brands in addition to lending more effort as a trusted resource for healthcare professionals.

It is estimated that 50% of CBD & adult-use consumers have increased their consumption since the start of the pandemic and digital in-store advertising increases interest in products by over 30%.

With APOP Media reaching 2 million customers a month at the Point Of Purchase and helping them make informed buying decisions, "the ability to continually inform and update consumer familiarity through customer involvement is fundamental to brands and essential to bridge the gap with medicinal shoppers," said Mieko Hester-Perez, Executive Director of IIMD.

Under the Infinity Broadcast Network, corporate umbrella IIMD will continue to provide educational Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising assets through IBN, allowing marketing opportunities at television phone kiosks located in both Denver International and Palm Springs Airports, grab and go stations in several hotels, and billboards around Los Angeles and Beaumont California.

About Infinity International Medical Division:

Infinity International Medical Division (IIMD) is a division of Infinity Inc. and Infinity Broadcast Network. The mission of IIMD is to provide unbiased support to healthcare professionals through access to reliable resources within our global network.

This registered member-driven community will allow healthcare and medical professionals to interact in a private environment with qualified peers, identify and secure relevant research information and studies, provide and receive peer feedback on white papers and new research initiatives, access and source qualified medical cannabis product information, and engage directly with thought leaders through theism Ambassador Speakers Bureau and Educational Program. For more information or to register to become a member, please visit iimd.online.

About APOP Media:

APOP Media provides customized digital signage comprised of POS auto-generated menus, educational/lifestyle content, and advertisements that target a business's serviceable available market consumers. APO Media is the most extensive in-retail signage network and menu system in California & Vegas, with over three hundred dispensaries with over one hundred brands that advertise on APO Media. Website: apopmedia.com