Dairy of a Palliative Care Consultant

According to the clinical definition, palliative care is an interdisciplinary medical caregiving approach aimed at optimizing quality of life and mitigating suffering among people with serious, complex illnesses. Within the published literature, many definitions of palliative care exist.

I tend to use this definition on a regular basis, palliative care is medical care that relieves pain, symptoms and stress caused by serious illnesses.

And today my interview is with hospice nurse, Ms. Jane Doe.

Ms. Jane Doe, RN MSN with over thirty five plus years as a hospice nurse, and grandmother to eleven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. She’s the family pastry chef, family therapist and relies on her grandchildren for technology assistance.

Ms. Jane Doe has chosen to remain anonymous in order to provide readers with her views on quality of life and how cannabis is restoring faith in the homes she visits on a daily basis. Ms. Jane Doe acknowledges the federal “elephant in the room” and her views may not be the same as her employer but her patient diary could lead to change.

In California the approval Senate Bill No. 311, the Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act or Ryan’s Law, would require specified types of health care facilities to allow a terminally ill patient’s use of medicinal cannabis within the health care facility (subject to certain restrictions) is certainly changing minds one household at a time.

As a hospice nurse of 35+ years, have you seen more families become open to cannabis products?

As a hospice nurse, in the last eight years, more families are looking to cannabis therapies for relief for their loved ones and I’m also seeing more grandchildren participating in the navigation of cannabis products that are brought into the home.

I recently had a patient in which the grandson brought in CBD/THC hot tea for her grandmother and they laughed and talked for hours upon her passing away. That night, my patient’s grandson was able to record their last conversation and share with his family.

That day, I changed my views on cannabis therapies.

What kinds of products are you seeing more of, that are becoming common in a hospice patients’ home?

Cannabis-infused topical balms and creams. Recently, after being assigned to the same family for a few weeks, the family told me, "we use this now, 'wink, wink' and handed me the new cream.

I’m now in my late fifties and I’ve been standing for many years...I recall asking a patient’s family member - is this the cream for tired feet? And here comes this twenty five year old socialite of the family wearing seven inch-high heels and a tutorial on placing cannabis-infused cream on the bottom of your feet so you can dance all night. For me, I just wanted to stand long enough to walk to my car after a long shift.

I was also introduced to infused bath salts. This clearly is not “reefer madness”! It's the best way for me to end every night.

I also had a patient, who wanted to use a vape pen with his forty year old son. He told me that when his son was a teenager, he caught him smoking weed in his room. Afterwards, his mother gave him a two hour lecture on why he placed the lawn mower in her rose garden and his dad took his car keys away for a week…

I recall the dad saying, I’m too sick for a beer so, let’s try this vape pen and by the way, I left you the lawn mower in my will. That was one of many nights, I heard laughter from a patient that cannabis brought families together.

How interested are you to take a cannabis course now that Ryan’s law has passed in California?

I’m very interested in finding reliable courses to take for my patients and hospice providers so I can educate myself on possible side effects or adverse reactions cannabis therapy could have with other medications.

This is a new day for nurses like me. Cannabis was only whispered about among hospice nurse circles and today, we have dispensaries with reliable solutions for patients and their families.

Mieko: Please visit: https://www.radiclehealthcare.com/ , https://csceducation.com/

Would you consider yourself a cannabis proponent?

I come from along line of military nurses, in which my nursing path was handed down to me out of respect for those women before me. In our home, we honored “life” and it’s apparent in the homes I visit that have chosen cannabis to relieve pain.

Those families are bonding together and finding more peace and patience and less grief and stress A view, I never thought I would have.

How can dispensaries and cannabis brands provide information to hospice directories?

Our company just signed up with iimd.online and I would highly recommend becoming an affiliate. It’s a verified peer-to-peer network for medical professionals and it allows for companies to find: reliable lab analytics experts, medical opinions in addition to dispensary programs and cannabis technology apps. This program at IIMD allows for hospice providers to become speaker ambassadors which is very much needed in the traditional healthcare forums.

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