"The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling." –

- Fabienne Fredrickson

When I met Ms. Schwartz, I realized her eagerness to learn about cannabis had come from a place of passion for seeking knowledge for her community that I admired. So, when she offered to intern for me – I knew I could pay it forward by showing her the ups and downs of an emerging cannabis industry.

She's a full-time college student and makeup professional. And I know she will be an asset for the next makeup/skincare CBD brand in due time if she chooses to. The cannabis business sector is proving that when you invest in women and cannabis, the projections are estimated to be worth over $90 billion by 2026, according to Rolling Stone.

What is your personal story that motivated you to work with cannabis?

I have always maintained respectful advocacy and curiosity for cannabis horticulture and plant medicine. Although I respectfully accept opposing dialogue, the voice of the opposition throughout ignites the passion I have for the cannabis industry.

Historically, the cannabis industry has been predominantly dominated by the male demographic. As a proud female of color, I aspire to break down as many barriers as possible, creating new and exciting chapters to pass genuine knowledge to future generations.

Do you think cannabis education for college students should be a standard course?

Absolutely! As a Thomas Jefferson University alumna, I am happy to share that cannabis education opportunities are available as certificate programs. Additionally, I recently discovered that other east coast universities, such as Syracuse University and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, proudly offer current and prospective student cannabis educational courses and certification opportunities.

While completing core college courses for their respective majors, it doesn’t hurt to diversify one’s resume and skillset when entering society as a new college graduate. Cannabis is indeed a “growing” worldwide industry. It is only fair to compliment a students’ educational success with marketing content that has the potential to provide positive benefits to the well-being of the human body as well as social-economic benefits.

What kind of cannabis research is needed that hasn't been convered yet?

I understand the reality of a traditional large-scale pharmaceutical medicine will indeed remain concrete throughout mainstream society. Once cannabis achieves complete federal legalization status, clinical research scientists will obtain full access to expand various medical research efforts concerning developing qualifying conditions regarding medicinal cannabis consumption.

I primarily advocate for continued research exploring eco-friendly, environmentally safer energy sourcing alternatives. Cannabis deserves a fair and honest opportunity to show society the many positive attributes cannabis offers, social-economically, environmentally, and medicinally.

Additionally, such granted research expansions allow cannabis professionals from various, similar, and contrasting industries to collaborate without unnecessary legal and social prosecution.”

Where do you see medicinal cannabis in five years (the future of cannabis)?

Honestly, complimentary with national medicinal legislation, I aspire for medical cannabis to be granted complete, nationwide federal legalization!! I know, I know, such wishful thinking. However, NEVER SAY NEVER!! Also, I would hope that the overall negative stigmas/perceptions of plant medicine are significantly neutralized or decreased.

I'm looking forward to industrial hemp becoming mainstream in textile production, manufacturing, and supply chain operations. More specifically, I am open to purchasing and incorporating hemp-based apparel and home-goods merchandise and integrating them into my everyday routine.

What is the best advice you can give to a first-time cannabis consumer?

Please do your research and ask lots of questions! Check with your healthcare provider as well. Most dispensaries have a patient care specialist or budtender to consult with about the whole process. Cannabis is a very patient-specific medicine so try different dosages, products, and consumption methods to find what's right for you. Keeping a log or journal will help you keep track of notes.