Middleton, RI, and Pittsfield, MA – August 22, 2022 - Cannabis consumer products company Yellow Labs Inc., and Berkshire Roots, Inc., announced today a manufacturing and distribution partnership in the Massachusetts cannabis market for Yellow Labs THC Mist sublingual mouth spray.

Yellow Labs THC Mist is a fast onset oral spray powered bydelivri™, a new high-performance microdose technology that delivers cannabinoids through the lining of the mouth directly into the bloodstream at a high level of absorption. "Yellow Labs THC Mist is an exciting new way for people in MA to benefit from cannabis in a controlled, micro-dose product," stated James Winokur, Berkshire Roots' CEO. "We have seen really great product interest in Ohio and already in MA. We are thrilled to help founder Ander Wensberg expand his ability to bring this new delivery system to people – patients and consumers - throughout the Commonwealth."

Wensberg described his breakthrough spray as "a more body friendly alternative or complement to a smoke or vape experience. "We are fast onset like smoke or vape with super discrete ease of use and great duration of effect like gummies. With various refreshing flavors, people experience a great taste and fast onset without calories. Our customers tell us they would put our THC Mist up against any product on the market for speed of onset, enjoyment, and performance." Yellow Labs spray delivers a precise 3 MG dose of THC in each spray.

The first several varieties Berkshire Roots will produce are "Relax," "Energy," "Focus," and "Recover," with different types and flavors to be introduced over time. Winokur explained, "Berkshire Roots expanded its cultivation and production capacities in 2021.

Since January, we've been able to provide our products into the wholesale market, now available in about 60 dispensaries state-wide. With the completed expansion of our extraction lab and kitchen, we are looking for unique product offerings to bring to market that fit well with our high standards for product quality, ingredients, and effect.

Our team recently won NECANN's Best Vape Cart award from the extraction of our highly coveted Orange Chemeleon flower strain put into a live cart that is second to none. Our expertise and capacity allow us to partner with companies like Yellow Labs to bring best-in-class products through our processes and distribution network."

The two companies expect the first products to be available in August at multiple dispensaries throughout the state, including Berkshire Roots' stores in Pittsfield, MA, and East Boston, MA.

About Yellow Labs Incorporated

Yellow Labs Incorporated, a Delaware C Corp, is helping to define the next wave of cannabis-infused manufacturing, commercializing its R&D experience and license rights through co-manufacturing partnerships with Medical Dispensary and Adult use licensees.

Yellow Labs THC creams and mouth sprays will redefine the performance expectations for cannabis-infused edibles, topicals, and tinctures. We intend to compete as an alternative to smoking or vaping and to become a top brand in pain and anxiety relief.

Yellow Labs has completed exclusive R&D with the breakthrough technology, delivri™, a patent-pending delivery system emulsion that, when infused with cannabis distillate oil, causes high absorption of cannabinoids through the skin.

Learn more about Yellow Labs THC Mists and Recover Creams 
at www.BetterWaysToTHC.com

About Berkshire Roots

Berkshire Roots is one of Massachusetts's leading cannabis cultivation and dispensary operators, providing craft-grown cannabis from Berkshire County, the highest elevation in the state. The company’s team members in cultivation, extraction lab, and infused products are considered amongst the best in the state.

Strict quality control and lab testing ensure that patients and consumers experience the ultimate cannabis experience regardless of product type. Berkshire Roots branded products are sold in its dispensaries and throughout dispensaries around the state.

Berkshire Roots is committed to using our voice to end racial injustice within our community and national level through its diversity training, hiring practices, and donations to related organizations.

Learn more at www.BerkshireRoots.com

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