Treatment of Seizures in Children

Studies have uncovered significant immense benefits of Cannabis in treating epilepsy in children as well as adults. Epilepsy that is untreatable by conventional medicine is particularly likely to respond to cannabis. Although the precise mechanism is uncertain, research has proven the effectiveness of cannabis in dealing with epilepsy. Where many of the other treatments are unsuccessful, cannabis has shown to be effective in dealing with even the most severe seizures, instantly. 

Promotes Brain Function

Cannabis has a direct and indirect effect on the emotional centers of the brain and has antipsychotic properties. This is why it can help control panic and treat unhappiness. The primary aftereffect of cannabis is to generate a feeling of calmness, which explains why it is a powerful treatment for patients battling anxiety and depressive disorder. Studies have seen increased control and betterment t in the behavior of anxious patients 

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Cannabis helps protect against the toxic effects of the neurotransmitter glutamate and free oxygen radicals that can have significant effects on the brain. As one of its major effects, this leads to a reduction of the loss of life of brain cells associated with neurodegenerative disease. Its antioxidant attributes surpass those of vitamin supplements C and E. Studies suggest that cannabis shields brain cells from the beta-amyloid toxicity, which is the leading of neurodegeneration in diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Research is continuing and has now moved on to the benefits of cannabis in treating and alleviating the effects of ALS.

Cancer Treatment

Clinical studies have found the potency of cannabis against intestine and breast malignancies. Not only does cannabis prevent the initial spread of tumor cells, it is also found to alleviate the negative effects of chemo and radio therapies. Research studies found patients to have a noticeably decreased incident of nausea, vomiting and a considerable improvement of appetite and sleep. At the same time, cannabis oil is also found to complement cancer chemotherapy by boosting their uptake by the tumors cells. This increases the efficiency of the traditional chemotherapeutic treatment, increasing the probability of recovery. 

Alleviates Depression

The cannabinoids found in cannabis activate the 5-HTP receptors in the brain centers much like the conventional antidepressants medications. These receptors work as receptors of serotonin, often known as the 'happy hormone' and work to treat unhappiness and promote a sense of pleasure. The endocannabinoid system of our brain links the emotion part of our mind to the release of neurotransmitters. A similar path is taken by cannabis. The cannabis stimulates the release of the body’s morphine-like factors which are called endocannabinoids. These act on the system and promote an instant sense of happiness and calm that is helpful for treating depression. 

Good For Treating Pain And Inflammation

Cannabis is a superb treatment to consider for the standard discomfort and inflammatory conditions. It's been approved in several clinical trials to as an effective pain alleviator that works better than the traditional NSAIDs. It operates by stimulating your body's natural opioid system release a euphoria tic and pain alleviating chemicals that exert their beneficial result through central pathways. This, in turn, results in a central action which helps to remove the sensation of pain, promoting a sense of relief. 

Heals Your Sleep

Chronic pain fries your nerves by triggering a "fight or flight" response in your central nervous system. This response should be reserved for risky situations, but since pain is a continuing, internal trigger, your system feels threatened on a regular basis. This imbalance makes sleeping very hard. If the body always feels as if it's in peril, how will you ever relax? The most troubling part is this: if you have lost the capability to rest, the body stays in a state of suffering. Cannabis is neuroprotective and soothing, assisting you to regain your essential sleep to promote healing.

Heart Disease

Cannabis triggers dilations of the arteries. This defends against the risk of blocked arteries, especially in diseases like atherosclerosis. Studies evaluating the effect of the dug in animals shows success in treating unusual heart rhythms. Dilating the arteries also reduces blood pressure which is another cardioprotective quality of cannabis, extremely useful for heart patients. The increased blood circulation also seems to affect white blood cell formation and the function of platelets minimizing the coagulation disorders of platelets in animal tests.

Relaxes your Muscles

Many times the muscles of your body tense up. It could be due to trauma, exertion or due to conditions like child birth. In these instances, the spastic muscles accumulate toxins and are extremely painful. Not only that, painful sore muscles interfere with your day to day activities as well. Cannabis can help to relieve these spastic muscles. It is known for its pain relieving effect which works on the spastic muscles to relieve spasms and promote movement.