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The Many Uses of Cannabis Topicals

"That’s why topical cannabis products can be an extremely effective way to use cannabis medicinally—because our skin is literally designed to take cannabinoids in. Just like the other organs in our body, our skin contains CB1 and CB2 receptors which allow for the absorption of and interaction with cannabinoids."

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9 Benefits of Cannabis You Might Not Know

The health benefits of cannabis come from chemical compounds found in the plant known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids have shown to be powerfully effective on symptoms of chronic conditions and serious illnesses. They bind like a puzzle piece with our bodies own endocannabinoid system. Here are nine benefits of cannabis you might not know...

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Supercharge Your Green Smoothie With Raw Cannabis

By now you've heard the benefits of a daily green smoothie touted countless times... BUT, have you heard about the amazing healing properties of a CANNABIS smoothie yet? We’re not talking about cannabis-infused beverages, we’re talking about raw cannabis juiced like its fellow superfood vegetables...

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