MDXclusive goes to Panama

As COO of MDXclusive, it was an honor to attend this conference on behalf of our woman-owned CBD company. It opened the conversation of taking our brand global.

Our slogan, Trusted & Recommended By Physicians, was definitely suitable for this international platform.

On the eve of the Panamanian President Laurentino Cortizo signing their medical marijuana bill into legislation, the headlines read,

“Panama’s President Approves Executive Decree Regulating Domestic Cannabis Industry…”

The Santa Maria Hotel in Panama became the HUB for international cannabis conversations with leaders from all over the world attending the LATAMCANN.BIZ conference. With the team who continues to set precedence in Latin America on cannabis education, business, and the heart & soul of families in need of cannabis therapies, the Puerto Rico MedCann.Biz.

In the words of President Laurentino Cortizo,

“The goal of all this is that Panama has the best business model for the medical cannabis industry. Our intention is to promote in the medium and long term the establishment of local and foreign companies that will be able to supply the domestic market using raw materials produced in Panama,” said Mr. Cortizo.

And Day 1 of the LATAMCANN.BIZ begins.

Seeing the chairs filled one by one, you could feel the energy in the room “cannabis brought us here.”

As Doctor Crispiano Adames, Deputy and President of the National Assembly of Panama walked on stage, the audience listened to his every word. You could hear a pin drop, but when he said – it was with the help of the leaders from the LATAMCANN.BIZ Conference, it was hard not to stand, clap and dance at those who made this bill a reality.

As each panel took the stage, it was apparent each panelist was handpicked because they knew the importance of our roles on this International stage as advocates for education, manufacturing, and strategic business opportunities that included the global supply & demand models through the Panama Canal.

The all-star line included Dr. Sandra Carillo Medical Cannabis Specialist. Professor Faculty of Medicine University of Panama Head of Medical Cannabis Scientific and Educational Program,

Cesar Cordero of Agro Techonologia Cordero Ayaso Corp, HD Kayra Harding First Vice President of the National Assembly of Panama, Ricardo Alvarez Hemp & Sustainability SME. Commissioner “Nikki” Fried’s South Florida representative, LCDA. Elvia Lau National Director, Pharmacy and Drugs, Ministry of Health Republic of Panama,

Oludare “Dare” Odumosu CEO, Zelira Therapeutix, LCDO Adolfo Linares Lawyer, Former Vice Minister of Education, Former President Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama, Zev Barnett CEO of Maven Hemp Extracts, Attorney Antonio Colorado and Bob Hoban of Hoban Law.

(see complete speaker list)

This bilingual conference was moderated by Ingrid Schmidt, President, LATAMCANN.BIZ. Executive Director, CannaWorks Institute, Noemí Pérez CEO GreenBook Academy. PRMedCannbiz President. Co-founder Cannaworks Institute

Javier Hasse, Journalist and best-selling author focused on cannabis, Benzinga, El Planteo, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Natalia Kesselman Co-founder and executive director, El Planteo, and Milton Burgos CEO of Caribbean Hemp Farms.

This team undoubtedly covered every detail in making sure that LATAMCANN.BIZ set the bar for future conferences.

Day 2

The best practices panel brought Panama and the audience into our homes with our children. Fabiola Cestero, GM of Greenbook Academy, came over to mic me up. I can’t thank her enough for her professionalism.

This was a very emotional panel, to sit on stage wearing my “Joey bracelet,” knowing in 2009 I had no idea that we would impact countries with cannabis therapies and uphold a promise I made to Harvard Professor Dr. Lester Grinspoon to make sure families all over the world would have this opportunity to choose cannabis as a viable treatment option.

As I glanced across the room, I started to notice friends I call family from Puerto Rico were in the room, and I began to tear up. This moment will never be forgotten.

As I tried to keep myself together with each panelist Dr. Sandra Carillo, Ericka Nota, an “outspoken” journalist and mom of Rocco, and Sol James, Psychologist, and Mother of Eva Lucía, I realized our strong voices together would have a room of dignitaries hanging on our every word.

Moderated by Noemi Perez, as we shared our journey with our children, you could feel the overwhelming passion of our stories and our commitment to “best practices” continuing to be at the forefront of our causes. Once the moderator teared up, the entire room followed.

I needed to thank Dr. Sandra Carillo, a woman who wears many hats as a professor, well-respected medical doctor, and mom, for being our champion on this stage and who understands the dynamics and challenges we are up against.

I know this because, as a healthcare Ambassador, I can’t do my job effectively without the entire team on board.

This panel, I know, would make my son Joey Rodriguez proud of our purpose within the cannabis industry, in addition to

helping to impact a global stance on cannabis legislation as a human right to “preserve life” and stimulate the global economic market.

Mission Accomplished!

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