Barry from Big Bear Cannabis brings us another informative #StrainReport, this time, it's for the Indica dominant Bubble Gum. This particular strain of Bubble Gum was grown by Deep Roots Harvest. It should be noted that properties of each strain will vary slightly from grower to grower but, this report is still a good guideline.


Form: Flower

Strain: Bubble Gum

Grower: Deep Roots Harvest


Indica: 70/30

THC: 23.5%

CBD: 5.17%



Euphoria: Med

Relaxed: High

Uplifted: Low

Creative: Low

Happiness: Low


Munchies*: Low

Dry Eyes: Med

Dry Mouth: Low

Anxiousness: None

(*Hopegrown note: Munchies may be considered a positive effect if you need to increase your appetite.)

Close-up image of the Bubblegum flower.

Appearance – Nice purple color and incredibly well trimmed plant which looks pretty good in the first close-up image. Upon looking at the macro version, it’s clear that this product was picked early. Most of the crystal heads are completely clear with many being under-developed. The product had also lost too much moisture by the time I opened the bag.

Aroma – Upon opening the bag you start to smell the sweet aroma of cannabis. As I start to examine the bud and break it open to smell, the easiest smell to determine is the sweet which rings throughout the aroma. Pine and dandy earth are also abundant within this aroma which is really enjoyable.

Taste – Pine dominates the palate and this batch of Bubble Gum offers a pleasant and enjoyable smoke which is smooth and tasty. There is a clear presence of sweet with a slight taste of perfume which is not my favorite flavor and yet was mildly pleasant in this particular batch.

Potency – Slightly lower than average potency. Not bad, just not very potent.

Effect – This is a heavy indica strain that is super relaxing and even a little sedative. Not overly euphoric or happy but entirely relaxed and ready to chill on the couch. This is not a strain that I would want to go do anything vigorous or active but rather a good strain to watch movies or play video games and lock into the couch. Great for relaxing before bed time. 

Duration – A little shorter than average 1-1.5 hours 

Overall –  This is a good strain for anyone that wants to relax and just chill out. Clearly this strain was picked early which I feel hurt the potency and depth of effect. This wasn’t my favorite strain but that’s probably due to the fact that my preference lies with Sativa dominant hybrids.

Macro image of the Bubblegum flower.

Final Thoughts:

The good - the effect which was nice and relaxing without being overwhelmingly scrambled or sedated.

The bad - Shorter duration and low potency.

The amazing - Where this strain really shined was the aroma and taste which were absolutely delicious.

Final comment - If I needed to buy something for a relaxing night I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this strain again.