When you’re gathered with your family for the holidays, chances are you’re going to talk to a relative who is suffering with some sort of pain; nerve pain, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, depression, PTSD… As a Hopegrown reader, you know that cannabis can help relieve a variety of ailments.

So, this year, when you find yourself in a discussion about someone’s health and you believe cannabis could benefit their condition, pull out your phone or laptop and show them hopegrown.org. The website is designed to be welcoming and informative, especially for those who grew up with Reefer Madness and other anti-marijuana propaganda. It is our mission to destigmatize marijuana so that those who can benefit from its medical properties will at least consider it as an option for improving their quality of life.

Wondering where to start?

Start with video #2 in the New Patient Pathway series, “Discover Medical Marijuana”. This brief educational animated video demystifies medical marijuana and could just as easily be called “MMJ 101” as it explains the main chemical compounds of the plant that are beneficial, walks you through the variety of ways the medicine can be administered, and defines a myriad of marijuana terms.

If your relative is intrigued by the idea of medical marijuana and wants to learn how they can legally obtain this medicine, show them video #1, which walks you through getting a doctor’s recommendation. Video #3 shows you how to find a local provider and what to expect when you visit.

In less than 10 minutes, your loved one can watch all three videos and be better informed to make decisions about their health. If they decide to give medical marijuana a try, they can easily find a doctor in their area by using the search feature on our website. Once they’ve obtained their doctor’s recommendation, they can also use our search feature to find a local provider who meets our strict set of guidelines, trusting that any provider they choose from our list is safe, clean, knowledgable, welcoming and operating legally.

So remember, the next time you feel the urge to say, “you know, medical marijuana might help you with that,” or, “have you ever thought about trying medical marijuana?” pull up our website and let us help you help your loved ones.

Wishing you a healthy happy holiday season,

The Hopegrown Team

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