"The Hopegrown Way" -- A Word From Our Founder

September 29, 2015   |   By Pete Lamptey, Founder & CEO

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​The Hopegrown Way

When we started Hopegrown over four years ago we wanted to design a website that was informative and was easy to use. From the step by step how-to videos in our New Patient Pathway, to one-click directions, to our dispensaries and doctors...the patient experience has always been paramount to us. A big part of that experience is education about the health benefits of medical marijuana. And, since launching at the end of last year, we have had thousands of visitors to our site from all over the world!

Putting patients first and focusing on education are the main driving forces behind Hopegrown. People may come to our site to learn about the different forms of cannabis or as a way to talk to their families about how marijuana is helping them. And if you have visited our Facebook or Google plus page, you have seen articles posted on the latest cannabis research or the most current legalization efforts. One of our main goals this year has been to reach even more people so the Hopegrown blog and it’s original content will help accomplish that.

Our blog will feature stories and articles from veterans, moms, authors, journalists, product reviews and much much more. We are committed to reaching out to more patients and sharing their experiences with you. For too long marijuana has been in the shadows and for the first time we get to help rebrand a medicine that is helping so many people. We are ecstatic to share the Hopegrown blog with you!


Pete Lamptey

Hopegrown Founder

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About Pete Lamptey, Founder & CEO

Pete Lamptey, Jr. graduated from George Mason University with a B.A. in Biology. After moving to California in 2003, he entered the education field in southern California where he taught science and business education classes for over 10 years. From 2009-2011 he was one of the core members of CollegeWreaths.com, a division of Custom Wreaths International Corporation and served as its social media and regional sales director. He then went on to serve as a business development consultant for start-up businesses in Los Angeles and Oakland. Pete has been involved in social change for his own community, serving as a campaign volunteer for the eventual Los Angeles mayor and advocating for the legalization and proper regulation of medical marijuana. He has attended fundraisers and supported rallies throughout California and Arizona and is a graduate of Oaksterdam University in Oakland where he focused on the economics and health benefits of cannabis. Mr. Lamptey is a member of the National and California NORML chapters (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), as well as ASA (American for Safe Access.) Growing up with parents in the medical profession, Pete started Hopegrown with education and public health as the guiding principles of the company.

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