As a solid and reliable resource for urban nurses nationwide, Ms. Ivory Davis is pioneering a new wave of nurses of color equipped with cannabis advocacy, education and training. Nurse Ivory is the Co-Founder of Cannabis Nurses of Color (CNOC).

She is also the CEO & Owner of Rosenthal Consulting Solutions, LLC (RCS); a minority, nurse-owned case management consulting firm specializing in workers compensation, case management, cannabis medication insurance appeals, and medical record reviews.

Hopegrown would like to welcome Nurse Ivory!

What is your personal story and mission that motivated you to work with cannabis?

During my tenure as a Worker’s Compensation nurse case manager, my patients frequently were either not candidates for surgery or the surgical intervention had failed. In either case, a referral to pain management was likely the next option.

I had a patient, who had four failed surgeries and other failed interventions, which were now being treated with opioids that had not been therapeutic either.

During this time, Louisiana’s medical cannabis program was new. My patient asked me if he was a candidate for the program and I had no clue.

I realized quickly that not only did I not have a clue, but my nursing colleagues were largely absent from the cannabis table.

At that point, I began to research and learn everything I could about cannabis so that I could be a better advocate for my patients.

Do you think cannabis education for medical professionals and healthcare providers is lacking?

YES! Largely because doctors, pharmacists, nurses alike did not receive education on the endocannabinoid system during our formal training. So now, whether we are an advocate for this treatment or not, we owe it to our patients to educate ourselves.

What kind of cannabis research is needed that hasn't been covered yet?

The opportunities for cannabis research are wide open! I have a particular interest in cannabis medicine in the geriatric community. I currently serve on a work group with cannabis nurses from across the United States.

We are conducting a retroactive review of the decrease usage of psychotropic medications at long term care facilities with a CBD program.

Where do you see medicinal cannabis in 5 years?

We are seeing some promising signs for federal decriminalization. Hopefully that happens in the near future. I patiently await the day that for cannabis to be a universally covered treatment by the medical insurance industry.

What is the best advice you can give to a first-time cannabis user?

Research, ask informed questions, be patient with your dosing, and remember to keep a journal.

About Nurse Ivory

Co-Founder of Cannabis Nurses of Color (CNOC)

Chief Executive Officer, Rosenthal Consulting Solutions, LLC/ Louisiana Cannabis Nurse Navigator

American Nurses Association (ANA)

Consultant at the Louisiana Cannabis Nurse Navigator

American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) - Member of Diversity & Inclusion committee

Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

Association for Cannabis Health Equity & Medicine (ACHEM)

Cannabis Nurses Network (CNN) Member of Advocacy committee

Louisiana Action Coalition. Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action - Regional Lead

Louisiana Nurses Political Action Committee (LANPAC) - Trustee at Large