This is my personal review of the new Twitter tool...Tweetbuzz.

Even though our mission has been clear at Hopegrown and our cause altruistic, it has been difficult to find support for our medical marijuana related material on social media. For many, it’s an issue that they’d rather not broach publicly. So it’s been difficult to find and connect with like-minded people and patients who are truly in need.

A colleague had recommended to me a new social media tool called Tweetbuzz that was really helping small companies get significant growth on Twitter. There was nothing to hurt with the free trial, so we signed up Hopegrown and the results were startling. Even though we had played with and implemented similar tools in the past, we had not seen results like we were seeing with Tweetbuzz. It was nearly doubling our overall impressions and we were seeing almost 100 new followers a day.

What we also really enjoyed was how easy the UI was and that there were step-by-step instructions for those that happen to be new to this kind of thing. Plus there was the ability to customize how you follow/find accounts, not just by account names or keyword. And with customizable functions like personalized welcome messages, Tweetbuzz allowed us to remain more organic and personal — preserving our brand of being patient-focused. 

The statistics and tips generated from the Tweetbuzz results don’t lie and our growth has been too exciting to finish with just the free trial. Plus we can drop some engines we’ve been using that Tweetbuzz incorporates automatically. All in all, we were excited to share this news with other startups, particularly those in our industry, because it became a great way to connect with the people we were trying to reach and we didn’t have to get caught up in the ugliness that is “buying followers”.