Minnesotans enrolled in the state's medical marijuana program can now buy and consume smokeable cannabis starting this week.


The change, approved by lawmakers last year, marks a significant expansion of Minnesota's medicinal marijuana law, which is relatively restrictive compared to other states.

  • Supporters have said the change would provide less expensive options for patients.

How it will work

Dispensaries can now sell dried flowers (buds) and pre-rolls to patients ages 21 and older.

  • Patients can buy a 90-day supply after a consultation with a dispensary pharmacist.

Note worthy

Before this month, the only options for medical cannabis consisted in pill, liquid, and oil forms, as well as tinctures, topicals, powders, and lozenges.

  • Marijuana remains illegal for recreational adult use. That's unlikely to change during the current legislative session.

What to expect & next steps

Minnesota Department of Health has said it anticipates a surge in applications to the program, which is only open to people with a qualified medical condition, such as certain cancers, Crohn's disease or an end-stage terminal illness.

Some edibles, such as gummies, are slated to be added to the program in August.