As we have all somewhat gotten back to our “regular” life routines, so has my group of girlfriends. During these Sunday brunches, lunch, and dinner meetups, “it’s back to being my sister’s keeper...”

What we have in common: We are cannabis and non-cannabis consumers, CBD buyers, and mushroom enlightenment seekers. We are married, single, and not dating by choice…

Bilingual at home and multilingual in life experiences.

Our ages, mid 30 ’s to late 40s, we are basically menopausal, dealing with fibroids, on the verge of hysterectomy options, debating online dating as a form of comedy rehabilitation in which quitting wine, Botox appointments, and camouflaged working vacations that require a “passport” are unnegotiable.

We come together from diverse backgrounds, not as the sisters of the “traveling pants” ensemble but with a very similar ideology that we titled F**k; we made it.

And here’s how we do it, through our sisterhood for further definition, we are the original plugs!

“A plug (or the plug) is a person who has the ability to get or supply hard-to-find items.”

Let’s start off with…

The unlikely plug, which will provide sisterhood and mental stimulation, let’s go!

The Higher Learning Book Club

Two verbs that have come full circle in the same sentence are “book club & cannabis.” According to my girlfriends, this book club is proving to counter literacy and become a book club buzz for cannabis and non-cannabis enthusiasts of the plant. Hosted by Tammy Pettigrew, cannabis advocate, educator, and speaker.

This influencer continues to inspire women all over the world through her eyes and ears on her passion as a methodical teacher of botany, cannabis specifically. Her book club continues to grow as more women look to cannabis and its attributes for their lifestyle; this book club is not just for consumers. That’s why my girlfriends and I signed up…



Tissue culture education class, it’s a one-on-one Tissue Culture Education laboratory located in Southern California where you can learn how to clean & prevent Hop latent viroid.

Hop latent viroid (HpLVd) is a single-stranded, circular, infectious pathogen that causes “dudding” in cannabis. HpLVd can be dormant in a cannabis plant for extended periods of time before expressing symptoms such as abnormal branching, reduced trichome production, chlorosis of leaves, and stunted growth.

Yes, we are here for this class with our girlfriends! This class makes it possible never to be left out of a scientific circle at any cultivation farm and boardroom.

This educational opportunity is another example of how far we can come in cannabis and having a seat at the table when discussing clinical consumer safety & protection of plant life and sciences.

Website: Merigenetics

The products that only your bestie would know about…

My Bud Vase

This company has been able to “empower” women like me with their signature collections for their luxury glass pieces, stash shells, and attention to detail when consuming cannabis, like a lady.

My father, who recently visited my home, complimented my new piece of crystal on my living room shelf. I politely told him it was not for Whiskey. It was for flowers. The Star Dust Bud Vase is undeniably not your brother’s bong.

Note to cannabis retailers; we need to see more feminine glass in your storefronts – from the girlfriend circle.


Oasis Peppermint Patties

The post laparoscopy hysterectomy recovery recommendation when my bestie said the peppermint patties were from “heaven” standing in her hospital gown, uncombed hair, and mix-matched socks.

She was able to sleep, heal and live to tell us about this procedure while reciting how our sisterhood relies on questionable “plug” referrals until you have to use them. Then they become “solid” sisterhood intel.

Website: Herbl Distribution

Pilgrim Soul

The Pilgrim Soul Journal is a must-have by the youngest girlfriend in the group, who happens to be a spearfisher “woman” and avid cannabis consumer. A woman who is in control of her life claims this journal gave her “life.”

The journal has allowed her to take cannabis journaling to another level, complete with Neurological exercises making the quote, this is your brain on cannabis as an intellectual “verb” on enlightenment being chronicled as her official “plug” referral.

Website: Pilgrim Soul

Pretty Girls Smoke Collection

As an avid cigar smoker, I finally found a one-stop shop for cigar & cannabis consumers, and my girlfriends placed this company on their list of “must-have” products. The Girlfriend quote, Every woman should have at least two 420 clips in their purse because, as her best friend, we have to make sure her nails stay flame-free.


Sol Glow Skincare

The beauty “must have” is the best-kept secret referral.

Why you ask, this is usually the product your bestie uses religiously after a long night of dancing and shows up the next day with a glowing aura.

Luxury Clean Skincare for your Mind, Body & Soul...Your everyday Sol Glow Skincare Essentials Protects Your Skin 24/7! This company is the “girlfriend's “circle of trust referral. Finding out about this company during a Sunday mimosa brunch with friends on mushroom therapy, Chinese medicine, and why we need to visit Costa Rica for our “Sol Glow” skin journey.

Thankfully, one of my girlfriends pulled out of her makeup bag the 3-in-1 primer set, and I immediately purchased this product while holding my next mimosa glass.

I sprayed a mist at the table on my face, taking the stress out of my skin. So, the moral of the story is I pop 2 Arbor CBD gel caps and a short mist after my makeup application, and you would never know I was born in the 70s…

Although this product does not contain cannabis or CBD, the other well-sought ingredients definitely fall under another excellent “recommendation” from your bestie.


MDXclusive CBD Cream

Mieko’s, official “plug” referral…

As we get older, we start using flat shoes more than we did in our twenties…ok, that’s just me.

While my son’s condition progressed, I had to carry him and didn’t complain about it. I just purchased more tennis shoes and loafers. Fast forward to 2022, Covid is over, and the party invites are coming faster than I can shop.

As I looked into my closets and saw racks of heels that I stopped wearing, during the development of MDXclusive CBD cream, I developed the “back in my heels test.”

Every cream I would develop had to pass the 4 hours dancing in heels test. This allowed me to not only connect with the geriatric community but look them in the eyes and profess this cream really works as I tell them it passed dancing at the placita in Santruce, Puerto Rico, dirty whining in a Jamaican clubs, and walking the grid at a motorsports race, all in heels!

Here’s my 20% discount code, JOEY19.


Do you have a “plug” referral, join us! email me: | Instagram: mieko_perez