There are a couple forms of concentrates which deserve a category all their own. For those patients looking for non-smokeable forms of cannabis, tinctures and topical remedies are extracts of the cannabis leaves and buds that have proven to be very safe and effective. 

Tincture is the name given to medicinal drops, usually alcohol or glycerin based, that have been infused with cannabidol. Unlike flowers and general concentrates, where the THC percentages far outweigh the percentages of the other CBDs, tinctures are flipped — they're often high in CBD percentages with near zero traces of THC. Cannabidol is the extract of the marijuana plant containing a high concentrate of CBDs that is then infused into simple solutions. Medicating with cannabidol tinctures usually involves applying it with a dropper sublingually (under the tongue) or adding the drops to a standard drink like coffee, tea, water or juice. It's this form of cannabis medicine that is most commonly used when the patient happens to be a minor or a child. Having next to no THC, these tinctures high in CBDs tend to produce no noticeable psychoactive effects, but instead greatly improve brain synapse activity, reduce tumors and alleviate serious spastic conditions of disorders like Autism and MS.

Topical Remedies generally refer to the oils, balms, ointments, creams, lotions, rubs and, believe it or not, lubes that have been infused with a cannabis extract. These medicines, containing both THC and CBDs, are primarily intended to be applied to the surface of the skin. Often, they're used to alleviate symptoms of disorders like eczema, arthritis, psoriasis and migraines as well as relieve swelling and pain from simple bumps, bruises and aches. The THC component of topical remedies has proven to be a great pain reliever with anti-inflammatory properties and the THC entering the skin doesn't absorb into a detectable level in the bloodstream and doesn't produce any feelings of “being high". This is comforting news for patients seeking relief but worried about drug screenings.