Happy holidays! We are excited to share with you our annual holiday gift guide! This year we settled on a variety of products that we felt were real game changers. What should you get for all the beloved but challenging-to-shop-for, quirky, practical, picky or eccentric people in your life? We've curated some unique gifts to help you check almost everyone off your list. Look out for our Stocking Stuffer Guide next week to wrap up our selections.

VETCBD (pet health)

VETCBD is the go-to brand for the pets of our staff. We were introduced to this product a few years ago when it was exclusively available in medical marijuana dispensaries. With their new line of hemp extracts they are now able to ship these tinctures straight to your home! Developed by veterinarian Dr. Tim Shu, the full-spectrum hemp extracts are derived from American hemp, rich in CBD and a bouquet of other beneficial phytocannabinoids such as CBC and CBG.

CBD has a number of benefits, and may help:

  • Support healthy joints

  • Support normal brain function

  • Support normal GI function

  • Provide a calming effect

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Full-Spectrum Extract

Studies have shown that full spectrum extracts provide greater benefits compared to CBD isolate, due to the action of multiple cannabinoids working together synergistically.

This is commonly referred to as the ‘entourage effect’. Their ingredients and products are rigorously tested by state-licensed laboratories.

Every batch is tested for potency, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and bacteria to ensure safety and quality.

Along with their amazing pet products, VETCBD believes business should be used as a vehicle for philanthropy. So for every bottle of tincture purchased from the site, they donate a bottle to charity. Their philosophy is that all animals deserve to live good lives.

Camino Gummies by Kiva (Edibles)

Kiva is one of the biggest players in the edible game and their Camino product is further proof of why they dominate whatever category they’re in, especially gummies. This product line comes in ten different flavors, each with a specific mood or intention in mind.

Different occasions you might consume these gummies for include: before bed, working out, socializing, in the mood, working out, or feeling creative. And some of the varied effects include: restful, relaxed, relieved, focused, passion and charged. Depending on your desired intention their website easily guides you to the right product. In addition to their delectable gummies, Kiva edible products include heavenly chocolates and micro-dosed mints. Every Kiva edible is made using all-natural ingredients and clean, locally-sourced cannabis.

HOJ Klip and KOL (herbal accessories)

We are excited to recommend this product for cannabis flowers! From the Danish company, HØJ (meaning “high” in Danish), HØJ reflects higher quality products, higher production standards and higher experiences. Groundbreaking designs, legendary functionality, and built with environmentally responsible materials—that’s the nordic way. HØJ builds products that last a lifetime, and are crafted with unique design features that allow cannabis lovers to experience the plant in ways they never have before.


This one of a kind pipe isn’t just cool to look at. With two magnetic pieces that clip together for easy cleaning, the pipe also includes a one of a kind replaceable filter that removes all heat from the smoke before reaching your mouth, making for a cool, smooth, and flavorful hit you won’t find anywhere else.


While Klip may resemble a common herb grinder, its unique design includes three interchangeable screen discs allowing for a customized grind for any application. Whether you want a fine grind for rolling up, or a bit more coarse for the pipe or bong, you’re in control with Klip. The magnetized pieces make it easy for anyone to work with, and the

sharp blades slice your herb rather than crush it, leaving the herb nice and fluffy, and keeping trichomes and terpenes in tact rather than stuck inside the unit.

While both pieces are incredible on their own, they are ideally used together to create a truly unique and enjoyable smoking experience. HØJ products are not cheap, but they are extremely durable, and they also come with a lifetime warranty. Plus unlike many comparable products, they can easily be taken apart and wiped clean, or even washed in the sink with your nightly dishes. “Welcome to the new high.”