When I think of pastry heroes who have inspired the new generation of thriving, profitable pastry chefs, there’s one woman who comes to mind, that’s Mary Jane Rathbun, popularly known as “Brownie Mary”. Mary’s legacy can be found in dispensaries and her passion and influence can be felt throughout nursing circles all over the world.

According to ArcView’s market research, the California cannabis industry made $180 million dollars’ worth of edible sales last year. And due to the COVID surge, outperformed cannabis industry growth according to MJ Business Daily.

California analytics labs have also seen an increase of test batches as the demand for CBD and cannabis derived edibles continue to grow rapidly in dispensaries, as the state continues to set rigorous testing standards to protect consumers.

Today, Hopegrown is taking us to Sacramento California, not far from where Mary Jane inspired the blueprint for medicinal edibles. We sat down with accomplished pastry chef Jamie Marlene of Spider Monkey Dessert Studios.

Tell us about SpiderMonkey’s Dessert Studio...

As a pastry chef, what are your views on the new wave of cannabis-infused pastry edibles?

I believe the new wave of pastry edibles are amazing. My goal as a pastry chef who would like to enter into the edibles market is to think outside of the box with regard to edibles.

Historically, edibles include cookies, brownies, and gummies. I would like to create edibles using recipes that are not currently in the edibles market in order to give customers more dessert choices.

Do you see yourself making CBD and/or cannabis-infused pastry edibles for medical patients as a viable business option?

I definitely see myself making CBD and/or cannabis-infused pastry edibles for medical patients. It would not only give me a chance to introduce some of the non-traditional cannabis desserts, but it would give me an opportunity to assist those in need by offering them options outside of the traditional brownies, cookies, and gummy options.

Would SpiderMonkey’s Dessert Studio be open to working with other established cannabis companies? If, not why or if so, who?

SpiderMonkey's Dessert Studio would absolutely be interested in working with other established cannabis companies. This would give us the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the business, at the same time, introducing our cannabis derived products on a larger platform.

Where do you see SpiderMonkey’s Dessert Studio making an impact in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, SpiderMonkey’s Dessert Studio is looking to franchise its cream cake line of pastries. We would also like to have a strong line of cannabis derived products that are offered in dispensaries nationwide.

What is the best advice you can give another new upcoming pastry chef that is leaning towards cannabis edibles?

The best advice I could give another upcoming pastry chef that is leaning towards cannabis edibles is the same advice that I would give any other business owner.

I would tell them to make sure they find their niche, do their research, and make sure they have a great network and support base that is willing to provide advice, know how, and expertise.

Based in her hometown, Sacramento, California, Jamie Marlene has dedicated herself to cake art. She has, in her 11-year career, had the privilege of becoming a known celebrity cake artist, competing, and winning the cake competition

Baketopia on HBO Max, and is currently promoting her new line of Cream Cakes. Jamie is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and skills into the cannabis industry and seeing how she can be of service to the community.