Reap the Benefits of a Deep Sleep with Arbor Hemp Extract

Sleep is important for a variety of biological reasons and can be a major subjective component in perceived wellness. If you are suffering from insomnia, diagnosed or otherwise, you may be experiencing poor physical and mental performance during waking hours, or even anxiety related to the inability to fall asleep.

REM sleep is only one component of restful sleep, with most estimates claiming 20-25% of time spent asleep should be in REM which equates to roughly 90 minutes of REM for every 8 hours of sleep. However, studies also show that deep sleep is more important for the body and replaces the need for full-length REM sleep when possible.

When taking prescription sleep aids such as Ambien, your body essentially fast-forwards through the deep sleep cycle, making you feel less well-rested overall the next day. Not to mention, these types of aids are incredibly addictive. With more struggling sleepers coming to realize the potential repercussions of these types of drugs, they’re going back to the drawing board and often find themselves on the hunt for non-addictive, more natural solutions for getting some shuteye.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of plant-based sleep alternatives on the market today, especially those that leverage hemp extract in particular. It’s great to have options, but this tends to make the trial and error process that much more of a headache.

One method to eliminate the frustrations of the trial and error process is to look for products that have been through clinical trials that are much more reliable. The opportunities for hemp products to undergo something like this are slim, and most companies have little in the way of research to convey legitimacy and results to consumers. There’s no need to feel like you’re flying blind with Arbor Sleep Full Spectrum Hemp Extract because it has been clinically studied to help you get a good night’s rest.

Arbor’s Sleep Hemp Extract was put to the test during a 90-day, randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled human study. Results from the sleep study concluded that participants taking active doses of Arbor Hemp Extract saw major improvements in sleep, especially deep sleep.

Throughout the course of the study, participants saw a greater overall duration of sleep in general, along with a dramatic increase in time spent in deep sleep while taking Arbor’s Hemp Extract before bed. Time spent in deep sleep spiked from roughly 90 minutes in week 1, to 360 minutes in week 13.

By the time week 3 came around, participants had already increased their duration of deep sleep, showing a 113% improvement. One group of participants took 66mg of hemp extract per day and experienced a peak average of 276% increase in deep sleep after four weeks, while another group that administered 132mg per night increased their time spent in deep sleep by an average of 307%.

This same 132mg group of participants increased their REM sleep by 50% after only two weeks of consistent doses. Offered in both a tincture form and in the form of soft gel capsules, there are a variety of ways to integrate Arbor’s clinically studied Hemp Extract into your daily bedtime routine.

Arbor Sleep Tincture comes in a 30ml bottle that contains a total of 1,000mg of Hemp Extract. Since one full dropper of Arbor Sleep Tincture contains 33 milligrams, we would recommend starting with one dropper to ease your body into it, then titrate up to two droppers equating to 66 milligrams per night to achieve optimal results. The dosing regimen for Arbor Sleep Soft Gels is quite similar to the tincture since each capsule also contains 33 milligrams of Arbor Hemp Extract.

We’ll always recommend starting low, and going slow, so start by taking one capsule before bed, and then move up to two if you aren’t yet achieving desired results. When your body enters deep sleep, Arbor Hemp Extract elongates that short window so you can wake up well-rested and ready to take on the day.

We know better than to underestimate the benefits that the hemp plant can have on your body when you just need to hit the reset button. Another thing we know for sure is that if it’s the snooze button you’re after, Arbor’s Sleep Hemp Extract can certainly help get you there. Lear more about

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