Thank you for being willing to share your story with us. Our goal is to make this a good experience for you and help others in the process. You can remain anonymous or not for the publication of the story. Below are prompts to help you get started. Our blogs are typically a few paragraphs and around 800-1200 words.


The Hopegrown Team

Guidelines for Sharing your Marijuana Health Story on

Paragraph One: Who you are? Where you are? What is your ailment? Describe it in detail

Paragraph Two: What treatment methods were you using for your ailment before cannabis? i.e., what pharmaceuticals (frequency)

Paragraph Three: How did you hear about cannabis as a treatment option?

Paragraph Four: How is cannabis improving your condition?

Why are you telling your story?

(Optional) This short paragraph is for the author’s bio section of the blog post. It is typically 3-4 sentences about who you are, field of work, hobbies, etc… Submitting your name is optional.

*Lastly, if you know other patients willing to share their cannabis health story please have them email us at *