The AGO Vaporizer by Darkside Vapes is a portable, easy-to-use vape pen, intended for the vaporized consumption of dry herbs. At the low cost of $29.99, the AGO vaporizer is the perfect entry level device for those interested in a safer alternative to smoking. If you are looking for an inexpensive dry herb vape pen and “true vaporization” is not a concern, then this is the vape pen for you.

The AGO Vape kit comes complete with:

  • AGO Vaporizer Pen
  • Packing Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Silicone Storage Container
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Charger
  • User Manual
  • Protective Travel Case

Unfortunately, the one thing that the AGO vape kit does not include is an herb grinder. A grinder is pivotal, as herb must be finely ground for the full enjoyment and performance of the AGO vape pen. If the herb is hastily broken down by hand and dense nugs are packed into the heating chamber, the device does not heat the herb evenly, and in some cases, does not even create a vapor hit.

Whether you’re a novice vaper looking for an entry level device or simply do not want to spend an arm and leg on a vaping device, the AGO vape pen is the ideal candidate. Once you screw the mouth piece, heating chamber, and battery together, the device is extremely easy to use. It powers on/off with five quick clicks and is as simple to hit as holding down the power button and inhaling. The device even comes equipped with an automatic shut off when the power button is held for more than fifteen seconds. This feature is great in not only preventing the overheating of the herb, which could be detrimental to the true vaporization, but it also prevents the battery from overheating from long or unnecessary use.

However, before moving forward with the product review, we should discuss true vaporization and why it is so important to some individuals. When it comes to dry herb, cannabis releases cannabinoids (the compounds that provide the potential benefits of the flower) at a temperature lower than that at which it burns. So, vaporizers aim to heat the herb to a point at which it’s releasing its cannabinoids without combusting. The process of combustion creates pyrolytic compounds which are linked to lung irritation and the worrying compounds associated with smoke.

The methods of heating which vaporizers rely on are: conductive heating, convective heating, or a combination of the two. The conductive heating method places the plant material in contact with the heating element of the device (which most herb vape pens use), which means there’s still a possibility of pyrolytic compounds unless the temperature is well controlled and monitored.

Next, there’s convective heating, which is when the herb does not come in direct contact with the heating element. Instead, the air around the herb is heated and brought up to the desired temperature. Vaporizers that use a combination of the two, tend to be pricier, but offer complete control and bring users to the experience of true vaporization.

The main selling point of every vape pen on the market is to offer a safer alternative to smoking. Unfortunately, very few actually reach the levels of optimal vaporization. However, regardless of the vaporizer and your intent for a healthier alternative, it ultimately comes down to the quality of herb or concentrates that you’re putting in your vaping device. For instance, both pesticide residue and mold could be found on herb, which potentially could cause more immediate harm than the possibility of pyrolytic compounds. We always highly recommend to get your herb and other products from a trustworthy source.

The AGO vaporizer uses a conductive heating style, which could cause the overheating of herb if one is not vigilante of the length of time which the power button is held while inhaling. However, lucky for its’ users, the AGO vaporizers comes equipped with the an automatic shut-off, which tends to do a pretty great job at preventing the overheating of the herb.

In addition to being so reasonably priced, Darkside Vapes puts some much appreciate perks in their device. At the bottom of the battery, there is a small screen that like a car’s odometer, it keeps track of the hits taken on the device. It is helpful in determining when it is time for a new heating chamber or in some cases a friendly reminder of how many hits you’ve taken. In that same screen, there is a battery gauge, which unlike other vaping devices, it takes the guessing game out of determining how much battery life is left on the device.

Overall, this device is the excellent introductory device into the world of vaping herbs. A real 9/10! The AGO vape pen allows users to bring the experience of vaping herbs anywhere they go without having to pack the whole traditional bundle associated with vaporizers. The only downside of this device is the small heating chamber where the herb is loaded. For users with a higher tolerance, this may result in having to repeatedly reload the chamber, which could become a bit tedious. Each packing of the chamber does give about one or two good hits, which for many is more than enough, but if you’re a veteran smoker or having a session with a friend or two, this may be the deal breaker on using this device and having to resort to traditional methods of smoking herb.