Social responsibility falls upon businessmen to heed the call in any society. Businessmen must review the impact of their decisions and actions on the other sections of the society. According to Peter F Druker, “Social responsibility requires managers to consider whether their action is likely to promote the public good, to advance the basic beliefs of our society, to contribute to its stability, strength and harmony.”

When startup companies include community social responsibility, this provides consumers with a “trusted” sense of assurance that includes: understanding the elements of community responsibility, ethical actions, legal aspects, economic Interests, and philanthropic obligations…

And that was just in the first forty-five minutes into my conversation with John Alston of the James Henry SF...

What is your personal story and mission that motivated you to work with cannabis?

Being a Louisiana native, the state has one of the highest rates of cancer patients in the country and as a result, it has plagued my family. When I had a breast cancer scare with my mother, I researched all the information I could find on cannabis killing cancer cells.

I wanted my mother to try concentrated, full or targeted spectrum cannabis therapy in lieu of chemotherapy. Thankfully, she only needed a few rounds of radiation. I'd now learned the truth about medical cannabis and also forged a social justice initiative to make an impact with my new found knowledge. As a young black entrepreneur, I wanted to change the negative way that our communities viewed cannabis consumption.

And the proof is in the data, we have more states on board with some form of cannabis legalization and federal legalization is in very promising talks. And that's with more education and information that from brands like James Henry SF and organizations like the Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine have been contributing and working towards.

What kind of cannabis research is needed that hasn't been covered yet?

I think that we are missing a lot of medical and therapeutic research for truly utilizing cannabis as a less harmful alternative to many of the medications that are causing addiction and even more health problems that require MORE medicine.

The U.S. has to become more aggressive in funding clinical research so that we can really explore the results and nuances of clinical and medicinal cannabis applications.

I also feel that consumer product research is also necessary so that companies like James Henry SF can further fine tune our formulations to create universally effective and targeted cannabis-derived experiences.

Would the James Henry SF brand be open to joining a clinical research at major university?

Absolutely! We work with licensed medical doctors who have studied and currently teach about the endocannabinoid system to other medical professionals and healers.

Via the Cannabis Health Equity Movement, we are currently working with the Southern University Law Center - Baton Rouge, LA on equitable cannabis policy and opportunities to work with veterans and patients along side a major universities would be a rewarding milestone for our brand and group.

What has been your biggest challenge in marketing your brand in California?

As a craft brand and company, we just don't have the marketing dollars that some of the larger brands and companies have, hence that makes our exposure to the market very organic and grassroots.

As a result, we try to be very creative with our social media engagement while trying not to get banned or placed in Instagram "jail" for posting pictures of the product. We see a lot of value at trying to find the marketing partner that would love to grow with us over our journey.

Where do you see the James Henry SF in 5 years?

In the next five years, I see James Henry as an international brand. We're in some conversations for multi-state brand licensing opportunities to partner with local licensees who admire what we've been able to build and what our brand stands for.

Today, our primary products are cured flowers and pre-rolls with plans to bring our proprietary vape cartridges back to the market this year. However, I see us realizing our true lifestyle status by having product offerings available for all of the various forms that patients and customers choose to consume their cannabis.

With products that make them feel the most comfortable, our goal is to offer an enjoyable and memorable experience with our products, throughout our supply chain, and directly to our consumers.

For dispensary buyers unfamiliar with the James Henry SF brand, how can they contact your distribution in California?

Buyers can contact us directly utilizing and/or Our office number is (510) 842-8336. A team member will be happy to chat about how we can get samples and products to buyers as well as team training and marketing for the brand. We also distribute via Locals Equity Distribution servicing across the state of California.

The Brand: James Henry SF

We are helping battle the opioid and designer drug epidemic with lifestyle products that offer similar results without the harsh side effects. James Henry is a responsible lifestyle, health and wellness brand with proprietary (IP) formulations for therapeutic use.

James Henry partners with accomplished medical doctors and scientists who understand the medical value of endocannabinoid therapy to create proprietary formulations.

We develop high-end cannabis products using a high-quality flower with no harsh chemicals or additives during the extraction processes. James Henry SF promotes responsible consumption for a responsible lifestyle and battles the opioid and designer drug epidemic by offering comparable positive outcomes while reducing negative side effects.

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