Legal Hemp and Cannabis Pioneer Mieko Hester-Perez Joins Infused Digital as Executive Producer and Board of Advisors Member for Company’s Cannabis Capitol Platform

Next-Gen Marketing and Content Production Platform Taps Regulated Cannabis Thought Leader and Medicinal CBD/Cannabis Champion to Further Grow Its Industry Relevance and Credibility.

Los Alamitos, California (December 15, 2020) – Infused Digital (Infused), a next-gen marketing communication firm and lifestyle programming platform with global reach, today announced Ms. Mieko Hester-Perez as Executive Producer for programming and Board of Advisors member for Cannabis Capitol, a medicinal and adult use cannabis thought leadership and lifestyle platform.

“Mieko is joining Infused to champion our continued growth into the fast-growing cannabis and CBD industries,” said John Bayles, founder and CEO of Infused. “She is a pioneer and thought leader driving the discussion on product quality, medicinal research and consumer awareness. Infused provides a platform for her voice, and our clients will benefit from her insights, network and credibility.”

Hester-Perez is a pioneering advocate for the medicinal use of cannabis and an international leader in the best practice operations of legally structured cannabis businesses in both the medicinal and adult-use arenas.

Hester-Perez has also become a champion for diversity and meritocracy in the emerging cannabis industry that is still transitioning to its fully transparent and well-regulated status in the global marketplace.

“I have remained a passionate advocate for cannabis and CBD as a holistic wellness choice from the day I chose to treat my son’s autism and other conditions with its medicinal properties,” said Hester-Perez.

“It improved his quality of life tremendously and I will never regret my choice. Following his passing at age 19, in celebration of his life, I fully committed myself to helping other parents and cannabis users understand the science, benefits and responsible use of cannabis and CBD.

This is an industry that has yet to truly define itself in a global sense. That means it offers the opportunity to create a vision of how collaborative diversity can truly be realized and reflected in the myriad communities that have defined its evolution to date.”

Hester-Perez remains active as the president and founder of CA Corporate & Attorney Services Inc. while also serving as Product Development Director for MD Exclusive CBD and Healthcare Ambassador for CannaSafe Labs.

Her advocacy work includes service as a Board Member for the California Aquatic Therapy & Wellness Center Inc., Chalkin Social Foundation, Norml Woman's Alliance and as a honorary board member of the Puerto Rican Society of Cannabis Science and Medicine.

“My role with Infused Digital will be to bring ground-breaking stories to the forefront thathighlight science and relevant information defining the evolution of a robust and responsiblecannabis industry,” continued Hester-Perez.

“Cannabis Capitol and the other channels developed at Infused will amplify my voice and I sincerely look forward to leveraging the power of this platform in my new role.

I also will be focusing my efforts on providing content addressing the entry of cannabis into a diverse spectrum of communities internationally, both here in the Americas and further abroad.”

Snapshot: Infused Digital

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