In an overly saturated market of vaporizers, the Steam Cloud Mini 2.0 is a vape pen whose affordability, design, features, and quality separate it greatly from its competitors. It comes fresh out of the box complete with: one SteamCloud Mini 2.0 oil vaporizer, one magnetic cartridge battery, two metal ring oil cartridge adapters, one metal dab tool, one USB charging cable, and one instruction manual – all the essentials needed for a more compact and convenient alternative to smoking oils and waxes. Adhering to the recommended: "full battery charge of about three hours before the first use" could be quite difficult, however I’d advise to use some of that time to review the manual. Really. READ IT! The manual can be pivotal to unveiling the full range of features that make this vape pen unique and easy to use. This became apparent as we at Hopegrown not only individually tested the device, but observed and accumulated the opinion of other users while recently viewing the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

At first glance, the various contents within the box seemed like several puzzle pieces that didn’t quite fit together. That being said, once I finally connected the metal ring adapter and cartridge, the entire device just magnetically snapped into place, making the swapping and/or refilling of the cartridge an absolute ease. Overall, the Steam Cloud Mini 2.0 is quite user friendly and makes smoking oil and waxes as easy as just pressing one button. However, toggling through the three variable voltage settings which the device can be set to, was a bit troublesome. The temperature control on this device is possibly the best feature of this vape pen, but having this function dependent on a series of rhythmically timed clicks of the power button proved to be problematic. Even after some practice, I personally found that changing temperature settings was still tricky and always required more than one try.

The Steam Cloud Mini 2.0 is priced at $39.99 and comes equipped with several features that make this price a bargain. Unlike other vape pens within this price range, the Steam Cloud Mini 2.0 comes with a 650 milli Amp hour (mah) battery that allows for an entire days’ worth of use without the need to recharge. It comes with a cartridge that you can fill with oils and waxes of your choosing or is compatible with the common 510 size oil cartridges. The true value of this device lies within its ability to cater to both the novice and veteran consumers of oils/waxes.

For the newcomers, using the device can be as easy as holding down a power button and inhaling or taking an extra step and lowering the temperature to the lowest setting for friendlier amounts of vapor for the user to inhale. For the veterans, this device is capable of higher temperatures which equates to bigger and faster vapor hits that sometimes take users by surprise. Furthermore, the temperature control allows the user to be in absolute control of the desired heat for the optimal consumption of various oils/waxes. Lastly, the Steam Cloud Mini 2.0 comes with a preheat feature that primes a new cartridge without scorching the oils or waxes flavor. This easily overlooked feature was perhaps one of my favorite features, as in some instances, it allows for a low temperature hit that packs the true flavor of your concentrates.

The Steam Cloud Mini 2.0's rectangular shape allows this device to be compact, yet cumbersome enough to prevent it from slipping out of your grasp or easily being lost. The device is perfect for personal on the go use. In my experience, I found that it was not quite ideal for a session with multiple users passing the device around. When multiple hits came in succession – the device overheated – but continued to perform perfectly. However, much to my dismay, the cartridge cracked in certain places and began to leak oil/waxes from the top and bottom of the cartridge. Although I would not recommend this device as the sole contraption for a session amongst friends during a championship sporting event, I’d willingly overlook this performance issue and blame the hooligans who lack the tender loving care required for optimal use of this device.

Most importantly, the Steam Cloud Mini 2.0 is a device that allows consumers of oils/waxes to forego the whole "dog and pony show" (previously associated with smoking concentrates) without sacrificing the opportunity for potent hits. Not only is the vape pen a safer alternative to consuming oils/waxes, it is a more convenient and healthier alternative to smoking. The vape pen is less intimidating than the typical wax and oil rig, allowing timid and more reserved users an opportunity to explore the realm of concentrates.

We at Hopegrown thoroughly enjoyed the Steam Cloud Mini 2.0. It is the ideal vape pen for discreet and convenient "on the go" enjoyment of oils/waxes. Despite being overall user friendly, we believe that this vape pen is meant to be enjoyed by seasoned connoisseurs of oils and waxes, who would truly appreciate and use all the features of this vape pen. We’d recommend this to our friends looking for a vape pen that gives a rig a run for its money, because when it comes to ripping steam clouds, there’s nothing mini about this vaporizer.