Understanding who you are cooking for is imperative for the marijuana chef. Knowing if the persons who will we consuming the foods you make with marijuana are “seasoned veterans” with a lot of experience eating marijuana foods, or if they are “lightweights,” or beginners, will help you to adjust and regulate dosage accordingly and avoid issues. While marijuana is a very safe substance in terms of toxicity, it can be a very powerful psychoactive substance, especially when ingested in foods. Consuming too much cannabis can lead you to experience feelings of panic, tension, confusion, and lethargy. This should never be the goal of marijuana ingestion. Be sure to be clear with those eating your marijuana delicacies about their potency levels. 

When a patient tries a new marijuana food, he should begin by eating a small serving and waiting an hour to examine the effects. At that point you can assess the need for more or less medicine. If necessary, eat another portion of the food and wait another thirty minutes to an hour. Shortly, you will know what size of particular foods work well for you medical needs. 

If you are unsure of the potency level of the foods or the tolerance of the person eating it, always err on the side of caution. Less is more when you are considering the effects on others.