As an international healthcare liaison, I find myself sitting down with medical professionals and fine tuning their expectations for dispensaries and client care.

Client care for medical consumers always starts with a consult with a verified professional. During my round table talks with medical professionals who agree or disagree on cannabis therapies and living in a state that has medical cannabis legislation I am seeing more patients walk into dispensaries out of frustration of non-supportive medical teams and unreliable internet reviews.

As the tides turn in the healthcare arena, I have been given a task to find cannabis products that are in the best interest of new consumers with no history of using cannabis or hemp derived products.

Here a list of my go to products, that will allow a new consumer to find their own endocannabinoid starting point.

Please note products in this blog are NON-PAID reviews.

The Stocker Stuffer edition

Leef Organic CBD Soap Nooks & Crannies (black chamomile cannabidiol blend)

This is a product that I have been fond of for a few years, the perfect “go to” gift filled with aromatherapy and the unlikely product to be inside of dispensary. Product can be purchased direct to consumer via their website:

Adjuvant CBD ( CBD Organic Infused Tea

I stumbled on to this product while chatting with a few cancer patients at their support group, they chuckled, instead of wine – they offered hemp derived CBD tea to start their meetings. The feedback on this product was priceless, so this is my CBD hemp derived recommendation “certified” by some awesome woman warriors.

Product can be purchased direct to consumer via their website:

Brown Girl Jane was founded by former financial trading executive Malaika Jones Kebede, her biological sister Nia Jones Alugbin, and beauty expert Tai Beauchamp; after Jones Kebede began exploring holistic alternatives to the pharmaceutical drugs she was prescribed to cope with a spinal injury.

I’ve become a fan of their products, especially their luminous face serum.

Product can be purchased direct to consumer via their website:

Products that include THC, found in legal dispensaries.

Kikoko Cannabis Infused Organic Herbal Infused Tea

This brand has an array of teas that range from 3mg to 20mg, the perfect “unexpected” cannabis product. I did a Q & A for a group of curious breast cancer consumers, and this product seemed to create a bond for these woman as they discussed connecting with their grandchildren while sipping tea.

Check your local dispensary.

OM Bath Salts Athletic | OM Bath Salts Lavender

Bath salts have come a long way, this brand has also proven to be an effective introduction into cannabis products for consumers who are still on the fence. Check your local dispensary.

TuMedicina CBD Lotion CBD gel contains aloe vera and arnica.

This topical is my must have if you plan on walking all day through old San Juan and touring Castillo San Cristóba. Product can be purchased at CannaWave Dispensary. 617 Hipódromo Avenue San Juan, 00909 Puerto Rico | (939) 229-1200

Flower Strains

During a recent consumer survey on flower, it was revealed the top three cannabis strains as dispensary “must buys” when their available from California to Puerto Rico.

Veganic Mother Pucker 19% THC

Buds & Roses Collective, Inc. | C10-0000603-LIC |  13047 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604 | (818) 907-8852

SFV OG, or San Fernando Valley OG |THC 20.49% CBD 0.1%

Best Buds PR | Cabo Caribe Industrial Park Carr 686 KM 17.5, Vega Baja 00693, Puerto Rico |

Malibu - Ice Cream Cake | Indica | Indica

Empire Connect 764 Inland Center Dr, San Bernardino, CA 92408 | (909) 572-0090

Mieko Perez specifically invokes the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press without prejudice. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease but are proven useful for health and life extension. Mieko Perez will always recommend when and wherever possible that licensed local healthcare professionals be consulted.