In December, I was sitting around minding my own business when I received a text from my friend Athena. She asked me if I’d heard of an app called Clubhouse.

Everything is a blur from that moment on. I’ve been deeply immersed in the app so much that the fog has just started to clear, and I’ve come out of “The Matrix” of social media for air. What’s today’s date by the way?

The Clubhouse app may still be a secret for many and elusive for some. Because of its exclusivity (accessible by invite AND iPhone only), I wanted to wait until more users were on it before I wrote this blog, but they’re already at millions of users!

If you’re not sure about what the Clubhouse app is all about, read this very thorough article in the NY Times.

Augmented Reality

When I first entered the platform on Dec 3rd, I was all about visiting rooms that were centered around spirituality. I had previously built a community on Instagram; gifting folks with live spiritual readings, but I had decided to close up shop to discover ways to reach people on a larger scale. Very soon after making this decision, the text message I mention above appeared...just like that!

After I built my profile (it’s changed about 100 times since I first went on to the app), I dived headfirst into the user interface to browse the “hallways”. There were so many topics to choose from. I dipped into a few tarot, astrology, African spirituality rooms. The experience was absolutely amazing! It’s on day two that I discovered the cannabis rooms and from that day on, my mission began.

I have no idea how the algorithm knew I was into cannabis. I didn’t do a search. I didn’t have any keywords in my profile that pointed to it, and I didn’t follow anyone who had the words in their profile. I’ll just say, I was led.

The thing about Clubhouse...that most in the general use of it probably won’t admit, is that when you enter a room, you’re really entering a vortex...yes, a vortex...another dimension.

You can literally feel a shift in the energy depending on the topic at hand and who is talking on the stage. It’s a sensory experience. I wanted to be clear about this because it’s important to give you an understanding of my perspective when it came to ranking these clubs.

SOOO “What’s a club?”, You Ask.

According to Clubhouse’s FAQs, clubs are “...a way to host a series of intimate conversations with a defined community of people.” I like to think of them as “meet-ups”; forums within the platform centered around a specific topic or interest.

Clubs are different from rooms. However, clubs can host rooms. This doesn’t mean that you can’t open a room unless you have a club (Who’s on First? Third Base!).

Me, being me, I wanted to be among the first to rank my favorite clubs... Part of me just wanted to show gratitude to the wonderful souls that I’ve met in my travels through the vortex and another part of me just really wanted to share what I’ve learned to those of you who are also within the hallways and those who have yet to enter.

This is a list of MY favorites cannabis clubs. If Oprah can have a list, so can I.

These are the clubs whose room content, moderation, and overall vibes I’ve learned from and enjoyed the most. The ranking has nothing to do with membership or follower stats.

The order is based solely on the “feel good” energy when engaging with the moderators and varied audiences in the club hosted room events. I am also pointing out that most of the rooms are filled with people who are either in or want to break into the cannabis industry.

What I love about that as a consumer, is that I’m getting behind the scenes, sneak peek downloads not available to the general weed smoking population at large. I am so tapped in with this community and for the most part, they have embraced this outlier; a quirky medium of a certain age, that swooped in out of nowhere to bring messaging to them from spirit.

I have one teeny tiny disclaimer...I myself have founded a club. It’s called The Canna Curious Club. We have over 2K members and followers. I am not listing my club here because it is of course my most favorite (uh duh). So here we go!

Oh, and I hate countdowns that list the best last. This is not that kind of list.

  • Black Cannabis Magazine - Great vibes all day! The founder Hazey was one of the first people on the entire app to offer support. He let me open rooms and made me an admin of THIS club. If you know how any of this works, this is considered an honor in CH club management. I will never forget my “first”. The content is expansive and often edgy. There have been celebrity sightings in some rooms, and you can always find a friend in the audience or on stage.
  • The Smoking Section - Another “first”. They get a top slot just because I’m a loyalist that way. They also get top slot because they opened my eyes to a whole new world. I was transported to a time of backstage parties, club alleys in the freezing cold, and high school stairwells. All of the places where you’d find your stoner tribe. Doesn’t matter where you’re from or how old you are, you’ll find memories here.
  • Weed, Travel, Food - This club gives me James Bond dinner lounge vibes. It’s because the rooms are the most eclectic in the cannabis room space within CH. The name of the club alone depicts some of the best thing’s life has to offer hands down. This club is a place to sit back, relax (in first class of course), and enjoy the trip.
  • The State of Cannabis - I like structure. It’s a curse. I took one of those personality tests one time that says I don’t, but I skewed those answers on purpose. You think I want these people to know the real me? Anyway. This club gives me the structure I enjoy while allowing for an open exchange of dialogue among the speakers. And while surprises occur in some of the rooms, the moderator always brings the audience back to the subject at hand. It’s magical to watch.
  • Black Dragon Breakfast Club - Every time I enter one of their rooms, I feel like I’ve time traveled back to a 1970’s Brooklyn Black-owned health food store . Sister Rashida is reading poetry to toddlers, while brother Akin is teaching Tae Kwon Do in the back room. I smell incense. I see fresh squeezed juices. Flyers are posted everywhere for all the causes to uplift Black people. You can birth a baby here. You can birth a nation here. This is a place of my youth; a place I often reflect on, to find peace and to help find my truth.

Two big lessons, I’ve learned on Clubhouse.

  1. You can’t go into this app thinking you’ll leave the same way you entered. New ideas and constructs are there for the taking but beware!
  2. The vortex doesn’t alter behaviors. People are the same wherever you go (It’s a famous lyric. Look it up). Use discernment. Use common sense. Use your intuition.

And so, I want to do this again! There are so many more clubs I want to list, and I like building lists! How about I do one of these lists every month? Hmmmm?

Stay Tuned!


Kat Niambi, aka The Hungry Medium