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Killer Pills: Illegally Alive Showcases How Cannabis Could Fix America’s Opiate Epidemic

Chloe Summers reports on a recent demonstration by The Marijuana Times at World Cannabis Week in Denver which brought attention to the deadly opioid epidemic that’s killing men and women of all ages. The movement is called “Illegally Alive” and it serves by showing, through facts and personal stories, how having the option of legal, medical cannabis can prevent opioid-related deaths.

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Switching from Pills to Cannabis - an excerpt from The Secrets of Medical Marijuana

Here, at this junction of my recovery, is the pivotal truth of why I see the medical benefits of using cannabis selectively and carefully. Opiates took away my appetite. Benzodiazepines as muscle relaxants (Valium, etc) made me so relaxed that I had no need to try and do anything for myself. And the “benzos” require higher and higher doses as my body became tolerant and used to them. I was almost “skin and bones”...

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The Use of Cannabis in the Treatment of Opiate Addiction

We have a nation of narcotic addicts, mostly from the prescription uses of opiates, and it is spiraling out of control. Oddly enough, the most highly effective method for opiate addicts to safely detox from their addiction involves a substance that the U.S. Government currently considers to be less beneficial than the opiates; Dr. Christopher Rasmussen believes this may be one of marijuana’s best uses to date...

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