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Larry's Munchie Bar Recipe

Larry Richards from Blue Sky Cafe in Oakland inspired me to follow my dreams. This recipe is made in honor of his dedication and love to the cause.

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How To Make Cannabis Edibles That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

When you think of edibles (cannabis-infused foods,) your mind probably goes straight to the old standbys: cookies and brownies. Right? But while the CBDs you get from edibles are good for your body, all that sugar and empty calories are not. So, what to do when you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet but you’d rather eat your green medicine than smoke it? Read on for 3 delicious (and healthy!) savory recipes...

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How To Make Aunt Sandy's Famous 10x Cannabutter

Cannabutter (butter infused with marijuana) is a great way to add cannabis to any recipe that calls for butter or oil. Try it in your own recipes at home to turn your favorite foods into delicious medicines. This blog reveals the secret to making Aunt Sandy's famous "10x Cannabutter" ...

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