Cannabis educator and influencer, Tammy Pettigrew took a moment to speak to Dr. Ulrike Luderer. She is a physician-scientist whose research focuses on the mechanisms by which environmental and occupational exposures disrupt reproductive function and development of the reproductive system.

Dr. Luderer is Professor of Medicine, Developmental and Cell Biology, and Public Health and is director of the UCI Graduate Program in Environmental Health Sciences. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and OEM, has a PhD in reproductive biology, and did postdoctoral training in reproductive toxicology.

The interview if part of UCI's Center for the Study of Cannabis upcoming virtual symposium to get greater insight into innovative research on cannabis and the sexual brain.

Here's the rest of the lineup for the FREE virtual conference (register now) and symposium information on the study of, How Sex Affects Cannabinoid Activity. The full list of presenters and their bios can be seen here.