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This New App Helps You Determine the Best Strains and Dosages for Your Specific Ailments

​Have you ever tried to keep track of how certain strains of cannabis affect your body and mood, along with details like dosage and method of consumption? It’s important to keep track of how each variation of the medicine affects you so you can zero in on the most effective strains and dosages for you. But, we do understand maintaining a journal like that can be difficult. That's why we're so excited to share the news of this helpful new app with you! Releaf keeps track of all that and more...

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Medical Marijuana, The Answer to Joint Pain?

Jonathan Greenberg suffers from severe osteoarthritis and has already had three knee surgeries though he is only 28 years old. You can understand his excitement when he discovered a 2013 study showing "activating the cannabinoid receptors that are drastically reduced in osteoarthritis patients reduced inflammation, thus reducing pain," which means cannabis may provide the relief he's been looking for! Here, "Little Jon" shares his personal story and hope for the future of joint pain sufferers...

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