IIMD offers vetted source network for health industry professionals seeking research, verified product profiles, lab testing & analysis, and practical experience from qualified sources for CBD, Medical Cannabis, and related Alternative Medicines

Las Vegas, Nevada Jan 25, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - Infinity Broadcast Network (IBN), a media company dedicated to developing and sharing educational alternative medicine content, has launched the Infinity International Medical Division (IIMD) online community as a private, qualified members-only, peer-to-peer networking and education platform tailored to global healthcare and medical professionals.

In a day and age where the benefits of alternative medicine therapies are becoming clearer but require further education to engage the broad spectrum of healthcare and medical professionals vested in these advances, this network is designed to provide a definitive resource for sharing and sourcing research, adopting best practices, and learning care strategies in a peer-vetted environment.

“IIMD was developed with international healthcare leaders’ input, who I have had the pleasure to sit down with and listen to what type of information and research they would like to have access to, including groundbreaking technology, consumer brands, and medical experts in a peer-to-peer format,” said Mieko Hester-Perez, a globally recognized alternative medicine healthcare ambassador and President of Infinity Medical International.

“We have created a network tailored specifically to the medical and healthcare community that avoids the hype of this emerging industry and focuses solely on the research, discoveries, and experiences of vetted sources in a global peer-to-peer environment.”

The launch of these comprehensive online resources includes the launch of the IIMD ambassador program. This programming resource provides access to experts for online or in-person educational presentations tailored by healthcare professionals for medical organizations.

IIMD ambassadors will provide educational presentations as vetted, experienced thought leaders in the CBD and Cannabis alternative medicine space covering professional standards, product use, evolving research, and other relevant discussion topics.

Featured medical and science professionals in the ambassador program include:

  • Dr. Jaime Claudio Villamil M.D., chief content medical contributor (Puerto Rico)
  • Dr. Napatia Tronshaw-Gettings M.D., medical content contributor (Miami)
  • Denise Chesne MSN, RN CEO of MDXclusive, healthcare content contributor (California)
  • Antonio Frazier, chief cannabis analytics laboratory content contributor (United States)

Participating media and content partners for the development of narrative documentary-style productions and patient resources include:

  • Tetragram, is a patient-driven application for consumers.
  • Hopegrown.org, a nationwide medical recommendation database resource.
  • Patient Chronicles, an Infused Digital production series focusing on medical cannabis case studies and documentary content for educational medical centers and providers.

IIMD vetted affiliate brands include:

  • LIV XIX CBD brand, United States
  • Endo Vibe CBD Brands, Michigan, United States
  • Vlasic Labs CBD, United States
  • Beard Bros. Pharms, California USA
  • Jenny’s Rose, California USA