Join a community of intentional individuals as you explore, celebrate, and inculturate ancient and modern wellness technologies.

Currents: A Winter Wellness Odyssey is a highly curated weekend dedicated to centering diverse experiences that support our well-being.

During the retreat, you will enjoy yoga, sauna sessions, breathwork, surfing, acupuncture, massages, cacao and tea ceremonies, sound baths, qigong, nature walks, and more.

Join us for panel discussions from thought leaders at the forefront of the plant medicine wave as you gain exposure to 5 leading plant medicines: cacao, medicinal mushrooms, CBD, kanna, and herbal tonics.

At the end of the weekend you will be restored, rejuvenated, enlivened, and enlightened.

Unable to spend the night? Join us for the day on Saturday, January 14th, and purchase a day experience.