Digital advertising in the adult use and medicinal cannabis industry is a challenge. With ad restrictions on traditional social media platforms, these guidelines for retail manufacturers and distributors are pushing companies to seek complementary solutions. Nearly all brands are looking for direct approaches to market their products. Additionally, as the market grows, brands are grappling with marketing outlets; This is where Infinity Broadcast Network becomes a practical choice for companies needing multiple media marketing channels.

Infinity Broadcast Network (IBN) is a mass media company that creates and distributes industry-leading cannabis content, advertising, and general entertainment on today's leading platforms. Additionally, IBN has completed a distribution agreement with APOP Media under its Cannabis Broadcast Station (CBS) brand.

APOP Media is a digital signage network offering customizable digital signage consisting of self-checkout kiosk tablets, auto-generated menus, and Point of Sale systems looks forward to the acceptance and the addition of CBS’s advertiser portfolio news and educational content.

“Mass media provides the essential link between the consumer and the demands of transforming traditional media into today’s tech-savvy cannabis customer demographics, the growing population of consumers walking into legal dispensaries as more states adopt marijuana legislation is the current innovative marketing realty, “said by CEO of APOP Media Matt Young.

Currently, APOP Media screens are strategically placed at point-of-purchase. On average, customers spend 15 to 30 minutes in a dispensary per visit, with each dispensary occupying 3 to 5 screens. Averaging three hundred dispensaries and over nine hundred total screens throughout California, Nevada, and Michigan, CBS is outfitting screen space with more than three hundred hours of informative, up-to-date cannabis news while providing strategic advertising alliances and medical professionals education from its conservative brand IIMD Infinity International Medical Division.

Both companies are ecstatic about this current contract stating that it will allow retail manufacturers to highlight their brand identity and lend more effort to consumer sales. Furthermore, "the ability to continually inform and update consumer familiarity through customer involvement is essential to brands in this mass media technology market," said Micah Tatum, president of IBN. It is estimated that 50% of cannabis consumers have increased their consumption since the start of the pandemic and digital in-store advertising increases interest in products by over 30%.

This isn't the first digital asset that Infinity Broadcast Network has procured. Adding to their collection of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising assets IBN also allows cannabis advertising opportunities at television phone kiosks located in both Denver International and Palm Springs Airports, grab and go stations in several hotels, and billboards around Los Angeles and Beaumont California.

IBN welcomes brands from all economic business levels. Let IBN be your one-stop shop in an industry of limited marketing outlets through our network opportunities.


Infinity Broadcast Network (IBN) is a mass media company that creates and distributes industry-leading cannabis content, advertising, and general entertainment on today's leading platforms. The Company's operations span traditional advertising media, entertainment in internet television, publishing, film, and socially responsible media. IBN is on a path to success in building the cannabis industry's most comprehensive content libraries for internet television. IBN'S businesses include Cannabis Broadcast Station (CBS) and IIMD, a peer-to-peer medical network.

APOP Media provides customized digital signage comprised of POS auto-generated menus, educational/lifestyle content, and advertisements targeting a business's serviceable market consumers. APOP Media is the most extensive in-retail signage network and menu system in California and Vegas, with over three hundred dispensaries with over one hundred brands that advertise on APOP Media.