With YouTube titles like "What is THC' O'" and "CBG Flower Reviews" to "What Does Delta-8 Feel Like?" Tens of thousands of views later, Grant Patterson's reviews provide consumers eighteen and over with solid reviews on just about every cannabis product down to books to read when "elevated."

As we discussed his family, college, and fondness for cannabis science, it's no wonder his viewership numbers have been organically growing as companies reach out to him for his valuable opinion.

Let's meet Grant Patterson!

What is your personal story and mission that motivated you to work with cannabis?

My name is Grant Patterson, and I am originally from Houston, Texas. I got started in the cannabis industry in 2019, soon after the federal hemp bill was introduced. In Texas, cannabis is still seen as a threat. I started The Cannabis Library YouTube channel to support marijuana businesses in Texas and find better ways to shine a light on the cannabis industry positively. As laws in Texas changed, I no longer felt safe in Texas, so I decided to relocate to Chicago, IL, to run the channel. I currently conduct smoke sessions, reviews, and vlogs on my channel as I adjust to Chicago life.

Do you think cannabis education for college students should be a standard curriculum?

I certainly think that considering we all have an endocannabinoid system, it is noteworthy and needs to be included in all biology textbooks. Other subjects surrounding cannabis should be available to students. School should prepare students for life and their goals. Cannabis employs so many Americans, and we deserve to learn about it.

What top three cannabis products have you reviewed that have really exceeded your expectations? For example, the strain, product type etc.,

I love Delta-8 edibles. They surprised me with how consistent their effects are. I also really love flowers from the grower Doja in Oklahoma City. Lastly, I love Arizer dry herb vaporizer products. There is simply no better way to save flower.

What makes your reviews so impactful for your audience? And do you get any special request?

The Cannabis Library reviews are essential because I can give my thoughts across hemp and dispensary products. I genuinely don't believe in cannabinoid superiority. I understand there are products for everyone, regardless of whether it's best for me or not. I also think I have the same spending power as typical consumers to give a realistic view of the market.

I take requests, but products are often from a dispensary in another state. Because of that, I don't have access to all requests.

What is the best advice you can give to the first-time cannabis consumer?

My best advice would be to have an open mind and try products that make you comfortable. Peer pressure is a common reason people consume cannabis, and I don't think it should be that way. Try cannabis when it's the right time and context for you, not someone else.

How can cannabis companies contact you to review or feature their products?

Companies can reach out to me at: gpattmedia@gmail.com or DM me @thecannabislibrary_ on IG.

Grant Patterson is a Texas Tech graduate from Houston, Texas. He specializes in social media and videography with a passion for cannabis marketing. Grant is an active YouTuber and Podcaster who, through daily content, works to present cannabis in a positive light. He enjoys running, snowboarding, and watching stand-up comedy in his free time.